Friday, November 29, 2013

Reports say that CNOOC has submitted its application for Grassy Point LNG to NEB

The Chinese energy giant CNOOC, which recently made news with its agreement with the province on the Grassy Point site, is apparently making quick work on its plans to move that project forward.

In an item in Today's National Post, the news service reports that he energy company has submitted its plans to the National Energy Board, seeking permission to export 24 million tonnes of gas per year from it's proposed terminal at Grassy Point.

As of yet, no official documentation on that application has been posted to the NEB website.

Should CNOOC/Nexen receive approval for the project, the first shipments out of Grassy Point could occur between 2021 and 2023.

You can review some background on the Grassy Point project and other proposed developments in the region from our archives.

Update: CNOOC/Nexen Application can now be reviewed from the NEB data base (enter Filing ID number A55578 in search engine under Regulatory Documents section here).

The Province of British Columbia also highlights the nature of their application through this media release on the government website.

Other media reports on the application:

Wall Street Journal-- CNOOC seeks to Ship LNG from Canada's Pacific Coast
Reuters-- CNOOC applies to Canada regulators for LNG export licence
Globe and Mail-- CNOOC heads group seeking to export B. C. liquefied natural gas

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