Saturday, November 16, 2013

Planned Power outage for Village of Queen Charlotte on Sunday

With the planned replacement of a broken hydro pole on the agenda for the weekend, BC Hydro is advising residents of Queen Charlotte on Haida Gwaii that they will shutting power down to the community on Sunday.

The power outage will take place from 9 AM until 4 PM, as Hydro crews work on the required repairs, affected on Haida Gwaii, will be all of Queen Charlotte Village West of Husband road.

Residents in the affected area are asked to take steps to prepare their home for a planned power outage by turning off many of their electrical devices prior to the start of the outage and then when power resumes gradually turn on some of their electrical devices .

Some helpful guidance for what to do during a power outage whether planned or caused by nature can be found here.

You can get updates on outages across the province from the BC Hydro website.

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