Saturday, November 16, 2013

International Attention for Shames Mountain

The efforts of residents of the Northwest to keep Shames Mountain as a going concern have reached some interesting eyes, with the world renowned publication The Guardian, picking up the story of how My Mountain Coop came into being.

The article published on Friday in the Guardian's travel section, recounts the work involved by local residents across the region to make sure that their favourite skiing location remained financially viable.

The My Mountain Coop story is just a part of the Guardian's review of how communities across Canada are coming together to make recreation areas truly community assets.

The article from the British publication not only reviews the hard work involved in turning the ski area into a community owned operation, but it also highlights the nature of the skiing of the region and the increased travel options into the Northwest for those that wish to test the challenges of Shames.

You can review the full article here.

Considering that the Guardian is one of the most widely read newspapers that there is, not to mention the popular nature of its website, the exposure for Shames should do wonders to spread the word about the region's winter destination.

For those looking to get there before the rest of the world makes the pilgrimage, here are the latest details on the Shames Mountain operations.

The full Shames Mountain website can be found here.

A tip of the digital pen to the Northwest Community College twitter feed, for drawing attention to the international attention that the story has provided.

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