Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Council to seek out funding to tackle crime and social issues surrounding special events

The issues of  crime and ways to approach some of the social problems of the community came up for discussion at Monday night's Council session.

The topic introduced as Councillor Anna Ashley sought approval for a pair of motions to City Council on Monday evening.

The Councillor as part of the preamble to her motion outlined the nature of potential funding that could be available to the city.  Highlighting how she would like to see the City formulate a plan to access the funding and address issues that surround some of the city's more high profile events.

And while she was concerned in particular about incidents that seem to spike during the All Native Tournament, she was quick to stress that the discussion could be held regarding many large community events.

Taking time to review the positive nature to the community of the annual basketball tournament of February and not wanting to have her intentions taken the wrong way. Councillor Ashley explained that she believes that the city could make use of the potential 1 million dollar in funding, so as to address the number of social issues that arise during these large community events.

A theme that Councillor Carlick-Pearson echoed in lending her support to the quest to learn more about the possible funding option, adding to the motion that the City should look into setting up a committee to review the various social issues of concern and to discuss strategies to address them.

The two motions, were adopted by Council, which turned the twin themes over to staff to explore further and to report back to council on.

You can review the discussion on the twin issues from the City's Video Archive, the conversation runs from the 54 minute to one hour and seven minute mark.

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