Saturday, November 9, 2013

Twin Temblors off Vancouver Island today

The seismic plates just west of Port Hardy appear to be readjusting this week, with a stretch of ocean between two fault lines rumbling over the last 48 hours.

Yesterday we outlined the recording of a 4.8 quake in the region and today a pair of temblors have rattled along the fault line of the area.

The first took place at 9:04 AM today a 4.1 magnitude quake located 187 km WSW of Port Hardy, that was followed by a second temblor at 1:42 PM recorded at 4.0 magnitude, this one 157 km WSW of Port Hardy.

As with Friday's quake, no damage was reported, nor was any tsunami warning generated.

You can review more on the seismic activity of the region from our archive page.

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