Thursday, November 28, 2013

The search continues for a new Economic Development Officer

It's been almost one month now that Derek Baker cleaned out his office and moved across 3rd Avenue West, to take up duties with Pacific Northwest LNG,

And with the Economic Development office still empty (though Mr. Baker is still listed as the contact person on the city website) , the city is continuing with its search for a new economic Development Officer.

Advertising for the the position at the PREDC office has commenced over the last few days, providing for an outline as to the many challenges that the position will offer to the successful candidate.

While the City hasn't posted the high profile job opportunity on it's own website as of yet, they did take out an ad in the local paper to highlight the available position and what is required to make the cut.

Beyond having to work closely with the CAO's of both Prince Rupert and Port Edward, those looking to apply for the position should have some of the following check marks on their resumes.

An understanding of business and land development issues, as well as a history of success in guiding items through the political and governmental channels at provincial and federal levels.

Experience in developing funding and partnership proposals, some proven negotiation skills and an ability to bring people together in pursuit of a common goal.

In addition to a combination of education, skills training and experience.

All of those qualities and achievements will be put to good use, as the new EDO works with the two Mayors, Municipal CAO's and Port Authority officials.

Just a sample of the many participants who they may have to consult with in the course of their duties.

The job is described as one that looks to enhance the many important alliances that Prince Rupert and Port Edward have built with other communities throughout the Northwest corridor.

Not mentioned of course in the prospectus for new employees, is the tight budget in which all of that will need to be accomplished with, particularly as Prince Rupert continues to find financial challenges on its doorstep.

And most importantly for the new EDO one of the key aspects of the new job will be finding a way to meet the demands of the variety of officials and their preferred courses of action that he or she will have to answer to.

The deadline for submissions is December 20th, a timeline that suggests we most likely won't know who takes on the challenge ahead until the new year.

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