Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Travel advisory issued for Highway 16 Prince Rupert to Terrace

Port Ed Turnoff 10:20 AM
Terrace-Kitimat turn off 10:20AM

Conditions along Highway 16 between prince Rupert and Terrace have deteriorated to the point that Drive BC issued a Travel Advisory at 10:15 this morning, recommending that no travel take place unless absolutely necessary. (see advisory here)

Heavy Snowfall and Limited visibility is making for dangerous driving conditions at this time.

You can access updates on the road conditions along Highway 16 from the Drive BC website and twitter feed.


  1. how is the Roads

    Please post more Updates on the Roads

  2. Hi there, most times if conditions are particularly bad we'll post an update on the blog, However, if you want to keep up to date on road conditions you can follow our Twitter feed at we retweet all of the key road conditions updates from . That is a very good source for all of the road conditions through Northern BC. Thanks for taking the time to comment. NCR