Thursday, November 14, 2013

And the walls, may come tumbling down...

Retaining walls were on the minds of City Council on Tuesday evening, as Council received a report from Bill Horne, the City's General Manager of Engineering and Public Works.

The original report was to deal with concerns over three walls on the west side of the city, brought to the attention of Council during their Westview Park condo discussions, with Mr. Horn outlining the deteriorating condition of those walls in question.

However, the conversation quickly turned into a kind of Pandora's Box of concern, as he outlined that the west side walls were just part of a growing list of much needed infrastructure repair in the city.

A list that could be rather lengthy considering the aging nature of the walls in all areas of the city.

He outlined that remediation efforts on retaining walls will be a costly prospect for the City, with some requiring extensive work and in some cases relocation of water pipes and other items of concern.

His report to council can be found here. (Page 12)

You can review the discussion from council on the theme from the City Council video archive, Mr. Horn's presentation and the follow up questions of council can be found at the 30 minute mark.

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