Friday, November 28, 2014

Alaska Marine Highway Terminal renovations find a bit of International controversy

Earlier this week, we outlined the increasing levels of percolating discontent among some of Canada's Industrial suppliers, who have been quick to outline their objections on a Buy America provision, when it comes to the upcoming renovation project for the Alaska Marine Highway Terminal at Fairview in Prince Rupert.

Since we posted our item of Tuesday, we've been watching with interest as the national media grabbed onto the story of those Buy America provisions of the Alaska Government project and how it is being received across Canada.

Some of those reviews can be found below:

Globe and Mail-- "Buy America" shuts out Canadian Iron and Steel from ferry Terminal overhaul
Vancouver Sun-- Buy America policy means Alaska ferry terminal in Prince Rupert to be built with U.S. products
Vancouver Province-- New Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal must use American iron and steel
CTV News Vancouver-- B. C. to Alaska Ferry hits "Buy America" snag in construction plans
CTV News Vancouver -- Canadian Materials not welcome
Business in Vancouver-- Buy America rules shut B. C. companies out of B . C. project
Business News Network-- Buy American shuts out Canadian Iron and Steel from B. C. Ferry Terminal overhaul (video)
Wall Street Journal-- British Columbia Port Upgrade Subject to U. S. policies
National Post-- Buy America... in Canada: Ferry terminal on B. C. coast must be built using U. S. materials

Yesterday, the issue became a bit of a political item for the B. C. Government, with both Transportation Todd Stone Minister and Premier Christy Clark weighing in on the controversy.

Vancouver Province-- Christy Clark lambasts U. S. over "Buy America' rules at Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal
CFTK-- Cullen, Clark angered over "Buy American" Policy for Construction of Ferry Dock in Prince Rupert
CKNW-- Premier Challenging "Buy American" policy for new ferry terminal in BC
CBC-- Christy Clark Slams Buy America policies at Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal
Huffington Post-- Enforcement of 'Buy America' Provisions in B. C. called ironic
Stockhouse-- U. S. Not Friendly on B. C. Ferry Terminal: Clark
Journal of Commerce-- Clark Says American not behaving as "friends" in Prince Rupert Terminal Project

As we outlined on Tuesday, we're not sure that the City of Prince Rupert will be quite as energized by the issue, as the province and national media has been over the last three days.

In fact, we imagine that the City might be watching the rhetoric with a fair bit of interest and perhaps a small amount of trepidation. Hopeful, perhaps that the growing tempest doesn't end up scuttling the project completely.

The growing controversy, could end up being something which once again may give the Alaskans cause to re-consider Prince Rupert as their southern terminus, which as long time Rupertites know, has been a discussion point that has been mentioned in previous years whenever issues between BC and Alaska flare up.

Perhaps it's a topic that the incoming Mayor may wish to to be in touch with the Premier about, highlighting some of the past history when it comes to anything to do with the Alaska Marine Highway and Prince Rupert.

Hopefully, some form of accommodation will be found on the issue before things get too heated between the province and the State, with no concerns locally when it comes to any potential disruption to one of the key transportation links between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan.

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