Thursday, November 27, 2014

Council members make their farewells at final City Council session

The last ten minutes of Monday evening's council session provided for some emotional moments, as members of the outgoing City Council provided for their farewell thoughts as their time on Council came to an end.

With Mayor Mussallem, Councillors Ashley and Garon all leaving council after Monday evening and Councillor Carlick-Pearson shifting to new challenges with the School District Board, the final moments for the evening were filled with remembrances of the work that this Council was engaged with over the last term.

Councillor Ashley led off the comments, reviewing her time on Council over the last two terms and how much she enjoyed working with the current group.

She offered up her thanks and appreciation to those that she served with, while also making mention of the high voter turnout of the last election and how she hopes it is a sign of new engagement on civic issues to come from the community.

Her thoughts were similar to the reviews on the theme expressed through the Monday session from Councillors, Garon, Thorkelson, Cunningham and Carlick Pearson, who all outlined their thoughts on the work accomplished and sense of commitment that they brought to the Council chamber.

City Manager Robert Long made a short presentation on behalf of the City, providing plaques of recognition to the outgoing Council members in recognition of their service to the community.

The Mayor brought the evening and his time in office to a close with his own farewells, highlighting the work and efforts of the City Staff and employees, as well as his time with this Council and those that he served with through previous years.

He offered up some thoughts for the new council to come, reviewing some of the challenges that this council has faced over the years and how Council never backed away from anything that they faced.

He even provided a final thought on the topic of Watson Island, offering up a cautionary note for the incoming Council as to challenges that can arise when situations are forced upon the community through Local Government Legislation. Observing as to "what a hell hole it can be", referencing the Watson Island file and the long running nature of that issue.

He praised the work of those that work for the City, reviewing their contributions to the civic scene, calling the strength of the municipality that of the work of Council and the efforts of those that work for the City.

His final thoughts were directed to those who supported him over the years, some of whom have passed away. The Mayor recounting some of those past conversations and the guidance he had received over the years from members of the community.

You can review the farewell observations from the final session through the City's Video Archive starting at the 2 hour 21 minute mark.

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