Thursday, November 13, 2014

Final dash towards Polling day finish line is on for Mayoralty candidates

With only a few days before election day, the three challengers for Mayor Jack Mussallem's seat at City Hall launched the final presentations of their media campaign this week.

The Wednesday weekly paper featuring a number of ads from the challengers, offering up a range of things for voters to consider as they prepare for Saturday's vote.

Lee Brain provided a short overview observing as how youth is not something to fear when it comes to leading City Hall for the next four years, highlighting as he does how young Mayors have been elected to office in other communities.

He also reviewed some of his main themes since he announced his candidacy a number of months ago.

Among them the need to expand our tax base by supporting responsible industrial development and to build cooperative partnership with regional First Nations communities.

He also once again stressed the need for a more engaged and informed public on civic issues, offering his candidacy as a chance to bring that approach to City Hall.

Tony Briglio introduces his Three "R"'s approach to the final week, a theme seen in some of his storefront advertising in recent days.

Mr. Briglio is calling for Restructuring of our finances to respond to the pressing needs of the infrastructure issues of the community.

Respect for large and small business in the region, calling it a fundamental requirement for a prosperous future. He also calls for respect when it comes to all relationships that the city has whether it is within the region, with area First Nations or among various levels of government.

His final R is that to Revitalize the community and the council, seeking input from residents on all health issues, providing for a strong voice to address the concerns for those living in the community.

Sheila Gordon-Payne had two offerings to share with the voters this week, one her now familiar message of  looking to create clear priorities for planning and action, to go along with her desire to create jobs for the city's residents and create investment in our city. As well, she re-affirmed her theme of looking for revitalization and growth for the community.

Her second ad (see left) was an approach that featured a number of questions from two students in the community seeking her thoughts on what the candidate could do for them as kids, how, as well as why (if the could vote we imagine) they should vote for her as well as to look for more as to how she would make the community a better place.

Interestingly enough, the Mayor had no advertisements placed in the weekly paper this Wednesday, that after a fairly extensive advertising campaign of recent weeks, which provided a mix of approaches to his message to voters.

The most recent advertising push from the incumbent  came last week, providing a shift in strategy stressing the Mayor's thoughts on his and Councils achievements over the last term

The Mayor and the other candidates for office will have one more opportunity to provide to the windfall of revenues for the local media outlet, with Friday's delivery of the weekend advertising of flyer's and review of the past week's articles from around the Northwest that comes to our mailboxes and news stands tomorrow.

An edition that we imagine will feature more than a few final talking points for voters to consider as they head to the polls on Saturday.

For more items related to the 2014 Municipal election see our archive page here.

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