Thursday, November 27, 2014

Councillor Cunningham seeks update on Airport renovations timeline

Councillor Barry Cunningham is looking for some answers when it comes the status of the renovation project at Prince Rupert Airport.

At Monday's council session, Mr. Cunningham made note of the seemingly stalled state of progress when it comes to the work currently underway at the Digby Island Airport.

Expressing some frustration at what appear to be delays with that project, he put forward a motion that would see the Chairman of the Airport Authority come to City council to offer up an explanation as to the current situation regarding the ongoing renovation project.

The Airport Renovation project started up in mid summer with extensive work on the runways and surrounding area of the airport.

As for the Terminal work, progress so far seemingly has been limited to the installation of large volumes of plywood blocking views to the runway area.

City Council first moved the project forward in November of 2013, when Council announced the success of its Airport Loan Approval process.

The most recent update that the City received on the project came in September of this year.

Councillor Cunningham's motion for a request to meet with the Airport Authority Chair was approved, however no date was set as to when that session would take place.

You can review Councillor Cunningham's comments from the City's Video Archive, his contribution to the discussion starts at the 2 hour 19 minute mark

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