Monday, November 17, 2014

Lot 444 Information session set for November 25th

Map from the City of Prince Rupert
outlining the breadth of Lot 444
across from the Seal Cove area

Next week, residents of the North Coast will get an opportunity to learn more about the plans for development by the City of Prince Rupert for Lot 444, across from the Seal Cove area of the City.

There is a bit of growing interest in the community as to just what's planned for a parcel of that land, as the city considers rezoning a segment of the area for Industrial development.

One potential use for a portion of the land under review, is a proposal from Exxon/Mobil/Imperial for the construction of an LNG Shipment Terminal location on the East side of Tuck Inlet.

More on those plans and the city's process moving ahead, will be delivered on Tuesday, November 25th, when a Public Information Session is planned for the Highliner Inn on First Avenue West.

That information session which runs from 5 to 7 PM will feature representatives of Exxon Mobil, who will be on hand to provide some background on their proposal and answer questions.

Also in attendance will be Dr. Barb Faggetter, the environmental engineer who was recently hired by the City owned Prince Rupert Legacy Corporation to provide guidance on environmental concerns.

She will be available to answer questions when it comes to environmental issues related to any proposed development in that area.

As for the Prince Rupert Legacy Corporation, residents with questions on the nature of the newly created company might be able to find some answers from City staff members on hand for the November 25th session.

Those looking for a little reading material on the Legacy Corporation before next week's public session, might want to browse the City's website for a short overview of the workings of the city mechanism.

City staff has followed up on a request from now outgoing Councillor Anna Ashley, to have the terms of Incorporation for the Legacy Corporation to be included on the City online portal.

An introduction to the new Corporation can be found on the Mayor and Council page of the website  Though you have to look for it a bit, placed as it is at the bottom of the listings.

To make things a little easier, we take out all of that browsing for you, with an access link to the short overview available here.

The full articles of incorporation regarding the Legacy Corporation can be reviewed here.

The public meeting will also provide the first opportunity for the incoming elected members of Council to not only learn more about the proposed plans, but also to gauge the interest and concerns of the public.

While they don't take their seats in Council chambers until December 8th, we imagine that newly elected Mayor Lee Brain, as well new council members Blair Mirau, Gurvinder Randhawa and Wade Niesh will in particular most likely wish to be in attendance for the overview.

While the returning council members have had the benefit of the last few months of discussions on the topic of Lot 444, for the recently elected newcomers to Council, next Tuesday may be the first in depth review of the proposal that they will get.

Considering the tight time frame that Council is working on to move the rezoning process forward to allow for LNG terminal development in that region, next week's public session will make for a fairly quick primer for both residents and new politicians alike.

For more background information on the Tuck Inlet proposal see our archive page here.

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