Saturday, November 15, 2014

Prince Rupert Votes 8-9 PM

Come for the Craft Fair! Stop in for the election. A busy Saturday for the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre is about to wind down as we prepare to learn who Prince Rupert Voters have selected to guide the city and School District for the next four years.

The polls have now closed on the North Coast and election officials will soon tabulate the results, with a quick turn around anticipated for those waiting to learn of the make up the City Council and School District.

To start off our review of the numbers to come, a recap of the Ballots cast volumes since 3 PM today.

Total as of 3 PM-- 3346 (35%)
Total as of 4 PM-- 3625 (38 %)
Total as of 5 PM-- 3871 (41 %)
Total as of 6 PM-- 4057 (43 %)
Total as of 7 PM-- 4179 (44%)

And now, stand by as we await the first of the results to be delivered.

8:25 PM and it's tick, tock, tick, tock, counters, counters you're on the clock!

We're not judging, but it seems that the voting tabulator takes as much time to count as humans do!

According to the CBC's Carolina de Ryk, Lee Brain has been elected Mayor of Prince Rupert, though it should be pointed out, that as of 8:50 no vote totals have been posted to the City of Prince Rupert election website

It looks a lot like this...

And the results as of  8:45 PM
Eligible Voters 8,443  total votes cast 4270  50.5%



Lee Brain  2495
Jack Mussallem 890
Tony Briglio  474
Sheila Gordon-Payne  411



Blair Mirau  2915
Barry Cunningham 2897
Wade Niesh  2119
Gurvinder Randhawa 2053
Joy Thorkelson 2044
Nelson Kinney 1995

Not Elected

Anna Ashley 1677
Ray Pedersen 1520
Gina Garon 1511

School District


Tina Last 2337
Bart Kuntz 2153
James Horne 1941
Louisa Sanchez 1735
Terri-Lynne Huddlestone 1430
Judy Carlick Pearson 1408

Not Elected

Kimberly Williams 1233
June Lewis 107p
Fanny Nelson 942
William Spat 628

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