Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jennifer Rice recounts fundraising work of Jim Terrion, in support of bid for Terry Fox Day Act

The British Columbia Legislature is currently in the midst of discussion surrounding a Private Member's proposal, seeking the support of MLA's to declare every second Sunday after Labour Day, Terry Fox Day.

A proposal which offers the way for those across the province, to provide recognition of the iconic Canadian from Port Moody who so touched the nation with his Run for Cancer across Canada last century.

Towards the process of declaring that Sunday as Terry Fox Day, MLA's have been rising in the Legislature this week to share their support for the proposal, as well as to recount their memories of one of Canada's most recognized individuals.

MLA Jennifer Rice on the
Terry Fox Day Act
and Jim Terrion
For North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, the opportunity to speak in support of the proposed Act, also provided her with the opportunity to share with the Legislature the tireless efforts of Prince Rupert's Jim Terrion.

With Ms. Rice outlining some of the fundraising success and the impact that the legendary North Coast fund raiser, has had in our community.

As most who are familiar with his story,  Mr. Terrion now lives in Prince George, but returns home every September in support of the Terry Fox Run, in his former home community.

Some of Ms. Rice's commentary from the Tuesday afternoon session of the Legislature can be found below:

Again, it's with honour that I get to rise in this House and speak about Terry Fox today. As I mentioned, Terry is a hero to us all. But I'd also like to talk about another hero, a hero that comes to my community every year.

Every year Jim Terrion, who works in the housekeeping department at the University Hospital of Northern B.C. in Prince George, vacations in Prince Rupert. He comes to Prince Rupert every summer on what I call a working holiday to raise money for the Terry Fox Run.

He knocks on every door, day in and day out, for three weeks raising money for cancer research. Jim is a former resident, and everyone in town knows his big smile when he comes knocking. Jim was born deaf and communicates mostly by writing notes with a pad and paper that he keeps in his top pocket.

Jim Terrion receiving his
BC Achievement Award in 2006
Over 20 years ago Jim was amazed by Terry Fox being able to run a marathon a day with a prosthetic leg and, having a disability himself, was inspired to do the same. Jim has walked his own cross-country adventure, across Canada and back, raising money for the hearing impaired and other charities.

For almost a quarter century now Jim Terrion has not missed a single Terry Fox Run. He has devoted so much time to fundraising, having raised $47,000 in Prince Rupert alone one summer, and he's been recognized with a B.C. achievement award for his fundraising efforts. Overall, Jim has raised close to $600,000 for the annual Terry Fox Run, with a goal of achieving $1 million.

He dreams of getting to Malaysia next year for the Terry Fox Run 2015. I look forward to seeing Jim every summer when he comes back to Prince Rupert. He bounces into my office beaming with new motivation and inspiration for raising more money for cancer research. Inspired by one hero, Terry Fox, he has become a hero to me and to many of us in our communities.

It is with great pleasure that I will support whole heartedly the Terry Fox Day Act.

The full account of her comments to the Legislature can be found from the Legislative Record, her observations start at the 18:10 mark.

You can also review her presentation to the Legislature from the Legislature Chamber Video Archive from Tuesday Afternoon, it arrives at the 18:10 mark of the session.

For more on items related to events at the British Columbia Legislature see our archive page here.

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