Friday, November 28, 2014

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Puts out the Help Wanted Sign

A rare opportunity for North Coast residents to join the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Department has just been announced, with a Help Wanted posting provided to the City's website this week.

The Job opportunity announcement provides a short overview of some of Prince Rupert's attributes for those that may wish to re-locate here, as well as a short synopsis of the nature of the work for those that become fire-fighters in the community.

As well, a fairly comprehensive listing of qualifications, requirements and expectations from applicants for the position is provided, something that should help keep the application pile from becoming too large.

The subject of the Fire Department became a discussion point at the recent Mayoralty Forum, as Mayor Mussallem observed that there were some in the community that would prefer to see the current status of the Fire Department "closed down" and  a volunteer based fire department established in the City.

Though the Mayor didn't expand very much on that particular topic through the election campaign and it never seemed to become any kind of issue by the time Mayor elect Brain had found electoral success on November 15th.

The prospect of the topic being high on the list of this Council, for the immediate future would seem quite unlikely, considering the range of other issues that they face.

As for the Fire Department, the professional force has been serving the city since 1910.

Currently the PRFD has a full time staff of 20 professional firefighters, as well as mix of  7 full time and part time dispatchers to handle emergency calls to the Fire Hall.

The job posting of this week may be the first of a number of potential openings for local residents, as many of the current members are nearing the age of retirement from the Fire/Rescue Service.

Those that are thinking of submitting an application, will want to review the full listings of qualifications for the job.

Some of those key requirements for the Full time Position include:

The need for firefighting experience

Have proven leadership skills and knowledge

Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
A working knowledge of computer skills. 

Applicants must possess a Class 5 Drivers License with Air Brake Endorsement

With Educational requirements of the completion of Grade 12 or equivalent. 

In addition, applicants should also have the  NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications 

As well as Level III First Responder. 

Each firefighter recruit will also be required to do the following:

Submit to a Criminal Records Check

Provide a Driver’s Abstract 

Take  a Complete Physical Evaluation

Applications for the position should include a resume and cover letter in sealed envelope, sent to the Fire Department and addressed as follows:

Dave McKenzie, Fire Chief
Fire Hall
200 - 1st Avenue West
Prince Rupert, BC
V8J 1A8

The Deadline for applications is 4 PM on December 12th.

Further Details on the career Opportunity can be found here.

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