Monday, November 17, 2014

Province of B. C. delivers money for Grants in Lieu of Property Taxes

The numbers aren't particularly huge for Prince Rupert, but in tough times every dollar counts!

So when the City of Prince Rupert checks the bank account this morning, they will find a little extra cash available for use.

The Province announced that on Friday it had delivered its Grants in Lieu of Taxes payments for 2014, the grants are part of the province's contribution for land in communities that host such things as court houses, provincial government offices and warehouses.

For Prince Rupert the amount comes to $50,970.38, indicative of the rather small presence of provincial government resources to be found in the city.

Down the road in Terrace, where the provincial footprint is a fair bit more apparent, the cash deposit was a little bit larger, with the City of Terrace to receive $123,050.66.

Kitimat wraps up the Northwest donations with a rather smallish deposit of only $2,389.69.

Over on  Haida Gwaii, Masset can look forward to a boost to civic revenues of $12,142.89, while the Municipality of Queen Charlotte will receive $3,653.59.

The Grants in lieu of Taxes process is designed to reimburse municipalities for services that benefit government properties, such things as sewers, roads and fire protection.

You can review the full information release from the Province here.

Where will the city put its newfound cash?  A browsing of our Discussion points from Council will highlight some areas where the money might be destined.

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