Saturday, November 15, 2014

Prince Rupert Votes 9 - 10 Hour

For those that like bar graphs here is the startling visuals of the vote totals for the Prince Rupert Municipal and School District elections for 2014

Lee Brain claims the Mayoralty with an impressive volume of the votes, collecting 2,495 of those casting a ballot.

Three Councillors are returned to office with three newcomers joining them around the table.
With Joy Thorkelson, Barry Cunningham and Nelson Kinney retaining their seats, newcomers to council include Blair Mirau, Gurvinder Randhawa and Wade Niesh.

Four incumbents re-claim seats at School District, Tina Last, Terri Lynne Huddlestone, Bart Kuntz and Louisa Sanchez, with two newcomers to join them, Judy Carlick-Pearson and James Horne

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  1. Congrats to our winners! And a new term begins with a brand new mayor!