Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Watching, week ending November 30, 2014

An incident that shut down a good portion of the downtown area this week was the top item of note on our review of the last seven days, as we outlined some notes on the efforts of the RCMP at the Canada  Safeway location on 2nd Avenue West.

Among the other items of note on the week, the City's release of its environmental study into issues related to Lot 444 found an interested audience, as did our review of the percolating controversy over plans to renovate the Alaska Ferry Terminal at Fairview.

Also finding interest this week were the plans to stop for now expansion plans at Ridley Terminals and how the City of Prince Rupert may find a possible solution for local housing concerns through discussions with the proponents of a large scale work camp on Wantage Road.

But by far, the story that had everyone in the city talking, was the mysterious Wednesday afternoon shut down by the RCMP of the area surrounding the Canada Safeway store, an event which lasted into the early hours of Thursday morning, that incident is where we will begin this week's review.

Downtown area blocked off by RCMP owing to ongoing police investigation; reports suggest no resolution expected until early Thursday AM  -- Our review of events from Wednesday afternoon through to Thursday morning in the downtown core (posted November 26, 2014)

That item was followed by:

City provides outline and environmental report regarding Lot 444 plans -- Our look the release of information from the City regarding their plans for the Lot 444 area across from Seal Cove (posted November 26, 2014)

AMHS Terminal project on the radar for Canadian Business Group --  The topic of the planned work on the Alaska Ferry Terminal raised some questions for Canadian industry, as the week moved on the issue became even more of a political issue as we relayed here.  (posted  November 25, 2014)

Report has Ridley Terminals putting expansion plans on hold for five years  -- The current struggles of the coal sector have resulted in a revision of the expansion plans for RTI posted November 23, 2014)

Work Camp proponents may provide partial answer to City's ongoing Housing Concerns --  As part of the lengthy discussion related to the planned Work Camp proposal for Wantage Road, Councillor Ashley observed that the proponent may be able to offer some relief when it comes to the City's Housing concerns.  (posted November 27, 2014)

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