Saturday, November 15, 2014

And soon we get to the counting....

Prince Rupert Civic Centre
was a busy place Saturday

A fabulous North Coast day greeted electors in Prince Rupert and Port Edward on Saturday, providing just one more positive trend for those looking to see a good turnout for the 2014 Municipal Elections.

With Free Transit also being offered in Prince Rupert on this election day, those in the city certainly had no valid reasons to make, when it came to not wanting to make the journey to the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre to cast a ballot.

And by mid afternoon, the omens were looking good for the get out the vote hopes, as the City began to roll out the ongoing count of the ballots cast during the day.
Parking Lot at the Civic Centre
was full as far as 9th St exit Saturday

With the 3PM hour highlighting the gains already made in participation for this years vote.

The 3 PM count listed the total number of votes cast as 3346,

Meaning, that by 3  PM  the vote total had already surpassed the total votes cast of 2011 when 3,184 of the 9024 eligible voters of that year made their choice.

By 4 PM that number had grown to 3625.

5 PM delivered the total of 3871 votes cast thus.

To give you an idea as to the push so far in the 2014 election, the Civic Info BC website lists the number of eligible voters at 9430 in Prince Rupert for this years election process.

Which means by 5 o'clock this evening Prince Rupert already had a 41 percent participation rate in place, with three hours to go until the polls close

Port Edward's number of eligible voters is listed at 411. No numbers on Port Edward's vote count thus far have been delivered as of yet.

With the City of Prince Rupert  making use of two vote tabulator machines this year, it's anticipated that the turn around time to deliver the numbers tonight should be significantly reduced, once the voting period comes to an end at 8 PM.

Vote totals after the polls close will be available from the City website page dedicated to tonight's election results, as well as through CityWest Cable 10 for those with Cable vision in the city.

With that quick run down on the numbers taking part in the process today as our preamble, we will follow tonight's vote tallies as they come in from the City's election officials, looking at trends and comparing the vote in 2014 to that of 2011 for the incumbents.

Readers may also wish to follow along with the world of twitter tonight, where we'll be adding our items, relaying any links we find of local note, as well as to add a few quick thoughts of our own. All of which can be found on the hashtag  #PRelxn spot on the social media site.

Join in with us if you wish to review the returns as they are released.

And so with that, as we head towards the final call for the polls  at 8 PM, we shall keep our watch!

Our first item will come up after 7, featuring a review of 2011 and what tonight's bump in voter participation may mean for those that won seats in that election.

Items will be archived below according to the block of time we have reviewed.

7 PM  - 8 PM 
8 PM - 9 PM  
9 PM - 10 PM

It was a Brain Wave!!

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