Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Province Issues certificates for Lelu Island Terminal and pipeline project

Tuesday was announcement day for the Province's Ministry of Environment, as the Environmental Assessment Office issued three Environmental Assessment Certificates for projects related to LNG development on the North Coast.

As we outlined earlier, Spectra Gas has been issued a an EAC for its proposed pipeline project, which featured the BG Gas proposal for Ridley Island as a destination for Northeast gas for shipment to world markets.

Also announced on Tuesday, were Environmental Assessment Certificates for the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Pipeline, a cross province conduit, which would feed Natural gas to the proposed Pacific Northwest Gas Terminal project at Lelu Island.

The Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline will run from the District of Hudson's Hope to the Lelu Island facility, should Petronas make a final investment decision to move that project forward.

That decision is anticipated to be made one way or the other sometime in mid-December, with any number of factors still be reviewed before the Malaysian energy giant announces it's plan..

The capital cost for the Pipeline alone is 5 billion dollars, with the province anticipating 23 full time jobs to be created upon its completion.

And while the announcement is another step towards the process of LNG development for the region, there is still a fair amount of work ahead for all of the projects that received their certificates on Tuesday.

As the province's information update outlines, various Federal, Provincial and Local government permits are still required for the projects to move forward and in the case of the Pacific NorthWest LNG facility, there is still the Federal Assessment Process that is currently under way to be heard from.

You can review the full announcement from the Provincial Government from this information Bulletin from Tuesday.

More background from the province on all three projects can be reviewed here.

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More information on the Spectra project can be found from our Prince Rupert LNG Terminal archives here.

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