Friday, November 14, 2014

Transition Society seeks Homeless Prevention Outreach Worker

Homelessness concerns have been the theme of many City Council sessions over the last few months, as Council members called attention to what they believe is a situation that has been getting significantly worse in recent times

One approach in trying to help ease the current concerns, is being offered by The North Coast Transition Society, which is currently looking to try and provide some relief to the issue of homelessness in the area.

Towards that goal, the Society is currently seeking a Homeless Prevention Outreach Worker, who will provide assistance and support to try and break the cycle of homelessness and seek to reduce the amount of time that individuals remain homeless.

The Homeless Prevention Program that is offered through the Transition Society is designed to offer support, opportunity and access to services and housing for those at risk, as well as to try and reduce the likelihood of continued homelessness.

The approach that the Program takes is to promote housing stability by providing supports to both landlords and tenants, while also working to connect homeless individuals to income assistance.

Those that are interested in applying for the Outreach Worker position, or have more questions about the program, can contact the Transition House at

The Closing Date for Applications for the position is November 17th at 3 PM

For more background on the work of the North Coast Transition Society and their Homeless Prevention program see their website here.

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