Saturday, November 15, 2014

Prince Rupert Votes 7 - 8 PM

Our account of the 2014 Municipal Election on the North Coast starts out with a few statistical items to keep in mind as we follow along with the returns this evening.

Already, Prince Rupert voters are quite a bit ahead of the pace of the 2011 election, with 4,179 votes cast as of the last release of information from the City of Prince Rupert at 7 PM.

That is a significant increase from the numbers of 2011, when only 3,184 of the eligible 9024 voters took to the polling stations. An amount that provided for only a 35 percent participation rate.

With the 7 PM numbers just released, Prince Rupert voters have already increased that percentage by some 9 percent. Providing for a 44 percent participation rate with one hour until the polls close.

As for the numbers to watch for as the 8 PM counting begins. Review if you will the vote count of the 2011 campaign, looking for benchmarks for the candidates running this year to be watching for as the numbers come in.

In the Mayoralty race of three years ago, incumbent Jack Mussallem won the 2011 election  with 1769 votes, besting Kathy Bedard by 788 votes, Ms. Bedard collected 981 votes in the last Municipal election, with Corinna Mohart coming in third that year with 357 votes.

With a bump in voter participation levels this year, whether Mr. Mussallem will be able to hold on to his numbers and build on them will tell the tale as to his chances for victory this evening.

With an apparent increased interest in this year's election, where the bulk of the 9,430 eligible voters (and those who registered at the polls today) decide to place their votes, will make for a large part of what tonight's election story will look like.

Totals from the last election of 2011
for Mayor and Council in Prince Rupert

On the Council side of the count of the stats from 2011, that year found Councillor Joy Thorkelson as the top vote getter of the last election, collecting 1925 votes placing her atop the listings for campaign of that year.

The last qualifier for a seat on Council in 2011 was Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson who received 1080 votes in that election. The next name down the list who came up short of a seat in 2011, was that of Rob Vallee with 939 votes.

The roster of nominations looks a little different for 2014, first as Ms. Carlick-Pearson has decided to turn her focus to the School District election for 2014, while none of the other candidates in that 2011 campaign, submitted nominations for this years electoral opportunities, included in those names, that of Mr. James Kirk, who passed away last year.

Clearly, indications from the advance polls prior to the election and the volume of voters arriving today at the Civic Centre suggests that the vote totals will be a fair bit higher when the counting is done this evening, with some of the incumbents perhaps in  for a tough battle to retain their seats.

As we outlined in the earlier preamble to tonight's election, the vote participation numbers have provided for a marked improvement from 2011.

Total as of 3 PM-- 3346 (35%)
Total as of 4 PM-- 3625 (38 %)
Total as of 5 PM-- 3871 (41 %)
Total as of 6 PM-- 4057 (43 %)
Total as of 7 PM-- 4179 (44%)

As the hours move forward we'll highlight the trends and counts as they become available.

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