Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Watching Week ending November 23, 2014

A few controversial comments on the prospects of LNG for the North Coast from the NDP's leader and a number of local interest items, ranging from issues related to municipal politics to the weather highlight the week's most popular items for the last seven days.

Along the way through the week readers found our notes on the proposed development for Lot 444 and the City's upcoming Public information session of some interest, as they did our review of the ongoing interest from the southern media when it comes to learning more about  the new Mayor elect of Prince Rupert.

Among the other items of note on the week, Watson Island was once again is on the radar this week, with an announcement from the Vancouver Courts regarding the ongoing legal proceedings.

It being winter driving season, our first major advisory of earlier this week outlining some poor travel conditions inland also found an interested audience.

But by far, the most intriguing story for our readers over the last seven days involves the NDP leader's recent trip through the Northwest, as well as our look in at how the Skeena MLA is proving to be an effective advocate for his riding and potential economic development.

So that's where we start the review off, with our account of Mr. Horgan's impressions and Mr. Austin's intercessions.

The NDP's Horgan and Austin have some thoughts when it comes to LNG prospects for Prince Rupert -- Our examination of John Horgan's comments to the Terrace Standard and the work of Robin Austin on behalf of his riding of Skeena at the Legislature made for our top item of the week (posted November 20, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Lot 444 Information session set for November 25th -- Our look at what's ahead for the City's Public information on Lot 444 and proposed LNG development across from Seal Cove proved popular this week (posted November 17, 2014)

Provincial media begin to seek out more details on Prince Rupert's new Mayor --  Knocking off a ten year veteran of municipal government tends to gain one some notice and so it was this week for Mayor elect Lee Brain (posted  November 19, 2014)

Travel Advisories in effect on Highway 16 East of Terrace  -- The arrival of November also marks the shift into winter weather and driving advisories, with our first major notice of the year one which gained some notice ( posted November 20, 2014)

Master Taylor of the Supreme Court orders the City of Prince Rupert to produce documents related to Watson Island case --  Our outline of the latest developments in the ongoing Watson Island court case found a rather interested audience this week  (posted November 21, 2014)

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