Monday, November 17, 2014

MLA Rice and NDP leader John Horgan see the sights of Prince Rupert

As we outlined on the blog last week, NDP opposition leader John Horgan was in town for an NDP event on Friday evening at the Prince Rupert Racquet Club.

An opportunity for the head of the provincial NDP to learn more about the issues of the North Coast from the faithful of the party.

As part of his visit to the region, Mr. Horgan and MLA Jennifer Rice did a tour of a number of locations around the city on Saturday.

A quick trip around Kaien Island and beyond, that we imagine  was designed to provide a bit of background to Mr. Horgan when it comes to the industrial aspects of the North Coast and perhaps a few of the issues that are on the minds of local residents these days.

Among some of the stops highlighted from Mr. Horgan's twitter feed account of his journey was a visit to the Pinnacle Pellet Plant on the Prince Rupert waterfront and a tour of Prince Rupert harbour, including a stops at Ridley Island and Lelu Island.

NDP leader John Horgan &
MLA Jennifer Rice at Pinnacle Pellet
NDP leader John Horgan &
MLA Jennifer Rice after tour of
Ridley and Lelu Islands

Ms. Rice who makes frequent use of social media from her her in Victoria, hasn't been particularly quick to share items on the recent tour through her twitter feed.

Other than a few snapshots thus far, not much more has been delivered regarding the NDP leader's stop over in the area.

Though at some point we imagine that Ms. Rice will share some of Mr. Horgan's observations on  what he saw and what discussion points he and the MLA, will be taking back to Victoria from the short visit to the region.

For more items on developments at the Legislature in Victoria see our archive page here.

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