Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Watching, Week ending November 16, 2014

If not for a train derailment west of Terrace, it would have been all politics capturing our top five entries of the week.

Our accounts of the final days of both the Mayoralty and City Council campaigns found a large audience, with four of the number of political items of the week tracking high numbers over the last seven days of our archive.

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Things were looking good for the political sweep this week, but then came word of an early morning incident on the rail line between Prince Rupert and Terrace, with the train derailment of Saturday morning knocking all the political talk down one peg.

So that's where we start the review off, with our account of the events on the railway.

CN Rail freight train derails 75 kilometres west of Terrace -- Our account of the Saturday morning incident rocketed up the hit count as the day progressed (posted November 15, 2014)

That item was followed by:

And soon we get to the counting... -- Our Saturday evening preview for the work ahead on the 2014 Municipal election found a wide audience through the evening, as the anchor page to our election review proved to be a popular stop (posted November 15, 2014)

And now, it's all going to be in the hands of the voters! --  Friday's pre-election coverage was a popular destination through the day and into Saturday (posted  November 14, 2014)

Mayor Mussallem makes Social Media debut with election video for consideration by Prince Rupert voters  -- The sudden (and rather late to the game) arrival of the Mayor to Social media, spiked a fair bit of interest for the review of our item ( posted November 13, 2014)

The Mayoralty Debate Take Two! Kind of, sort of and definitely missing a few contributors ... --  CityWest's technical troubles in delivering a video replay of the November 4th Election Forum provided for a rather puzzling opportunity for message delivery by some of the candidates  (posted November 13, 2014)

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