Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hecate Strait Employment Development to receive 56,000 dollars towards book project

Work on the Second edition of the Book of Rainbows will soon head into high gear, after word of a grant from the Provincial government to lend assistance to a Hecate Strait Employment Development Project.

Over the course of 28 weeks leading up to the wrap up of the project in March of 2015, two clients of Hecate Strait will be conducting interviews and researching topics for the second volume of the Book of Rainbows collection.

Towards partial funding of the project the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation has provided 56,000 dollars in funding to get the project underway.

Details on the Province's financial contribution can be found here.

The first edition of the project was published in November of 2013 and has been distributed to a number of locations in the City and around the Regional District. It featured stories and photos with a focus on pioneer families, as well as accounts of First Nations residents and immigrants to the region.

You can learn more about the first edition of the Book of Rainbows project from this item on the Hecate Strait Development website,

A Digital copy of the the November 2013 book can be review here.

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