Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prince Rupert Child Care initiative opens its doors

It appears to have been a fairly quiet roll out of a new Child Care program offered by the City of Prince Rupert, an option that is now taking applications from local families.

Little has been heard from City Council on the project, and nothing delivered by way of the range of information options from the City, such as their website, or twitter feed.

All of which makes for a bit of a puzzling thing, considering Council's year long focus on making the Recreation Department more receptive to community needs.

However, thanks to a short mention on their Facebook page, the Recreation Department has offered us a heads up when it comes to the new Child Care program.

Those with particularly sharp eyes, may have noticed some recent advertising on the project, as  the City of Prince Rupert began to spread the word of  the new option. 

The ad outlined how the program is now accepting applications for children ages 4 to 12 years that may require before and after school care.

The program which operates from Monday to Friday, has hours of 6 AM to 9 AM for the early morning shift and 2:45 PM to 5:45 PM for the after school hours. 

Making use of licensed Early Childcare Educators, the program offers a number of age appropriate programs for young residents of the city and their parents.

Activities that children will be able to participate in during the sessions include crafts, games, free play time and organized sporting activities.

Homework help and a light snack is also part of the pre and after school program.

For an additional fee, transportation to and from school is available as part of the program.

As parents discover the civic option just introduced, the full service approach to child care run through the program, could have an impact on those private child care options currently offered in neighbourhoods around the city.

What appears to have been a preview of the project, is available from the City's Recreation guide of September, on page 7. 

Though that synopsis would seem to have been modified slightly perhaps to include the morning hours and expand the age limits for participation.

You can learn more about what the city has to offer from the program by calling 250-624-1403  or contacting the program operators at

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