Thursday, May 4, 2017

Melatkatla Elders/Seniors complex heads towards public overview

A new Elders/Seniors complex is on the horizon for Prince Rupert, as the
Metlakatla Development Corporation explores the prospect of new housing
for the old King Edward School site on the city's east side.

City Council made quick work of moving the process forward for a seniors housing proposal for the east side of the city, giving approval to zoning requirements for the property at 8th Avenue East and Green Street, putting the project into the starting blocks with public engagement sessions soon to follow.

The proposal from the Metlakatla Development Corporation would see two apartment blocks and a line of row houses developed on the old King Edward School site, creating some forty housing units for seniors in the community.

Following a short presentation from Zeno Krekic, the City planner, Council members put forward a few questions on the nature of the project, mainly related to parking and traffic.

For the most part though, there was some clear enthusiasm for the proposal, with Mayor Brain adding that he and Council looked forward to hearing what the public thinks of the project as the weeks move forward.

You can review the Council notes on the development from the City's Video archive page, it starts at the twelve minute mark.

With the first reading of the zoning requirements underway, the project now will be offered up to the public, where diagrams and other materials will outline the scope of the proposal and questions can be asked of the developers.

The public review process will get underway on May 15th when the Metlakatla Development Corporation will be holding two information sessions, the first to take place at the Metlakatla  Community Hall starting at 9:30 AM.

Those living on the Prince Rupert side of the harbour will get their first look at the proposed development at public information session at the Lester Centre later that same day. 

The public meeting takes place at 5PM, with staff on hand to answer questions from those in attendance. The project architect will be making a presentation on the proposal starting at 6 PM.

As part of the launch of the public process for the proposed development the MDC made note of some of the features of the project through an information statement, noting how the 32 affordable rental units in the two storey complexes, along with the 10 units of row housing will help to alleviate some of the pressure on the city's senior citizens and their housing needs.

"Our research has shown that seniors or those looking to retire soon have a wide range of wants and needs when it comes to housing. By offering units of different sizes and configurations and blending opportunities for social interaction with self-contained units that offer a private lifestyle, the new seniors housing development will meet the needs of potential tenants."  -- Metalakatla Development Corporation CEO, Harold Leighton

Taylor Zeeg, The project manager for the Elders Village offered up some of the unique aspects of the proposed development.

"This project will not only offer seniors a high quality, affordable housing option but the Passive standard ensures the environmental footprint is minimized.  The innovative design honours Coast Tsimshian culture while attempting to blend with the existing neighbourhood."

As part of their community outreach, the Metlakatla Development Corporation has launched a Name the Elders Village Complex initiative, calling on the community to submit their suggestions by July 1st.

Funding for the project has been provided by the British Columbia Government as part of an agreement with the Metlakatla Governing Council.

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