Thursday, May 4, 2017

North Coast Journalist claims BC newspaper award

Northern View editor Shannon
Lough was celebrated last week for
her feature article on Earl Corliss
(photo from N View website)
The Northern View's Shannon Lough has been saluted for her work on the story of Earl Corliss, a well crafted tale of a World War Two veteran who fell upon hard times in his final years, at one point left homeless on the streets of Prince Rupert.

The original story which provided the opening sketch of his life, created such interest that Ms. Lough was quickly chasing down any number of leads on elements of the former soldier's life, pulling together bits and pieces of background, or scraps of information to complete her compelling portrait.

 From her initial work, titled "The Last Post: The search for the man in the cardboard box" came more community attachment to the story and through her determination, two more follow up items would be published.

Those features would recount the return of the remains of Mr. Corliss to the community and put the post-script to the trilogy with a final and proper farewell on a snow blown day at Fairview Cemetery.

You can review the series of articles that made up the Corliss story below:

The Last Post Part One

The Last Post Part Two

The Last Post Part Three

This week's edition of the Northern View saluted Ms. Lough's achievement and the awarding of the John Collison Memorial Award for Investigative Journalism for her work.

The recognition of her feature article came as part of the BC Community Newspaper awards night hosted at Richmond's River Rock complex on April 29th.

A tip of our blogger's hat and our Congratulations to the newly minted editor of the local weekly for her success and for delivering a rather fascinating look at a life that had been forgotten by many.

Forgotten for the most part that is with the exception of a newly arrived reporter, someone who found the tale one worth following up and provided for a fitting closing chapter to a life lived and tribute that showed the respect due to one who served his nation.

You can examine more items related to the North Coast media scene from our archive page here.

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