Friday, June 9, 2017

A wee bit of a break beckons ...

The crowds are coming to town and were in the counter flow lane outward bound ...

The stars have aligned so as to take us away from the blog over the Seafest weekend, as we hit the road for a short pre summer break.

And while we won't be able to take in the Seafest activities in person, we can still steer you in the right direction for the weekend ahead.

Explore some of what's to come through to Sunday from our archive page here.

We'll attempt to play a bit of catch up on the news upon our return towards the end of next week.

From there we'll try to fill in the gaps as best we can.

While we're away from delivering some original material, feel free to wander through the various topics and dig a little deeper into some of the features listed on the right hand column.

You never know, you may find some items of interest that you may have missed when they first came out.

Enjoy the three days/nights of Seafest, take in some events and share the spirit of the annual festival.

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