Monday, June 26, 2017

Fairview Container Port to introduce expanded refrigeration service for container shipments

Overhead view of the ever expanding Fairview Container Terminal
footprint on the Prince Rupert waterfront

(photo from PRPA twitter feed)

One of the many notes of interest presented at last week's Prince Rupert Port Authority Annual Public Meeting involves the upcoming introduction of expanded shipping options from the North Coast gateway to the world, with the Port outlining some notes for the public when it comes to the current refrigeration station project that is under development at Fairview.

Shaun Stevenson, the VP of Trade Development and public Affairs offered up the thumbnail sketch of what that project that will provide for an opportunity for more through put at Fairview from both the North Coast and much further along the CN rail network.

The Port of Prince Rupert's Shaun Stevenson outlined a number of projects on
the way for Port facilities, noting one that could be of some interest to the local
fish processing industry across the North Coast.

The refrigeration stations, will feature a number of towers that will provide electrical supply for the refrigeration units, allowing port personnel to stack them on site in a storage area, while they are awaiting shipment to their eventual destinations either across North America or ocean bound for Asia.

"We're encouraged to see a new refer service commence with the expansion of the terminal, this means increased opportunity for refrigerated cargoes through Prince Rupert, including Prince Rupert seafood. And look to build upon those capabilities with near dock or logistic services in close proximity to the terminal"-- Shaun Stevenson, VP Trade Development and Public Affairs outlining some of the growth ahead for Fairview Terminal.

In this region, the introduction of these reefer units, could have a significant impact on the major fish plants of the region, reducing the need to ship local product to Vancouver before it is then turned around for shipment overseas.

By having a local refrigeration station in Prince Rupert, we could one day see product from processing plants both in the city, as well as from Port Edward and Lax Kw'alaams caught, processed and shipped from the North Coast.

The prospect of refrigeration service out of Prince Rupert could also breathe some new life in the
long sought construction of large freezer warehouse complex, something that the local fish workers union Unifor-UFFAWU has been advocating for years.

The Canadian Fish Plant on George Hills Way is one of a number of local
fish plants that could benefit from the introduction of expanded refrigeration
service at the Fairview Container Terminal

Beyond the local impact, the new service out of Prince Rupert could soon be another selling point for the Port as they look to bring even more container traffic to the port from other locations around the country and continent, as suppliers look to get their products to Asia in the shortest amount of time.

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