Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending June 4, 2017

There may not have been a City Council session this week, but civic issues dominated the reading list over the last seven days, with readers seeking out three of our five items on the week related to Prince Rupert City Council or areas of note from municipal government.

The item that captured the most attention came from our Friday look at some more potential land moves through the City of Prince Rupert's Legacy Inc., with the City set to dispose some property through a thirty year lease process.

Readers also provided some strong numbers for our look at this weeks journey by the Mayor and a Prince Rupert delegation to the nation's capital for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference.

One final note on civic issues cracked the list of five this week, as our item on the city's need to rip up the blacktop on Second to address a water leak also generated a steady stream of readership.

The final two items on our blog watch from the week wraps up with our notes on an early Wednesday morning fire on the city's east side and a review of the fallout from the provincial election and how it's being viewed in relation to a number of high profile energy projects in BC.

Our top story however, comes from the always intriguing files of the city's Legacy Corporation and what appear to be some plans for some of the city's land holdings in the community.

City looks to dispose of property through Legacy Corp. by way of thirty year leases --  A public notice in recent weeks indicates that there may be some more plans in motion for some city property at Watson Island.   (posted June 2, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Destination Ottawa for City officials on way to municipal meetings  -- Mayor Brain, Councillor Niesh and City Manager Robert Long were Ottawa bound last Monday for a one week journey to take part in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities meetings. The four day annual convention had its opening session on Thursday.   (posted May 29, 2017)

Second Avenue paving job to be torn up to address leaking water pipe -- It all looked pretty good for about two weeks, but a water leak underneath Second Avenue means that the blacktop that was put down, had to come up.   (posted June 1, 2017)

East side motel damaged by early morning fire -- Prince Rupert Fire Rescue were called out in the early morning hours of Wednesday to respond to a fire call at the Parkside Resort Motel on 11th Avenue East      (posted May 31, 2017)

Pacific NorthWest LNG project one of a number of energy projects awaiting a government -- The prospect of an NDP government backed by the Green party puts their shared thoughts on energy projects in the spotlight, with some of the Northwest LNG projects among areas which may get some attention in the months ahead. (posted June 1, 2017)

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