Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Councillor Cunningham floats Cow Bay Fish Sale proposal

Public Fish Sales could be coming to the Cow Bay Marina Dock
if Councillor Barry Cunningham is successful in moving his
proposal forward with City Council

If Councillor Barry Cunningham has his way, one day not too far down the way, residents in Prince Rupert, and visitors to the city will soon be be able to wander the Cow Bay wharf and potentially negotiate their own dinners.

The possibility of local fisherman tying their boats up at the Cow Bay dock was a suggestion put forward by Mr. Cunningham, turning the city owned facility into a public fish market on weekends.

Something which he noted would both lure visitors to the city and address local concerns about not having anywhere to purchase fresh fish.

Mr. Cunningham's plan would see the local fishermen coming alongside at the Cow Bay Marina dock on Saturday's and Sunday's to sell their catch to residents, or visitors to the city.

As part of his overview of the proposal, he used both the Terrace farmer's market and the Fish Sales off the Steveston dock as the kind of blue print he would look towards for a Prince Rupert option.

"As Terrace has a farmer's market and I consistently hear people say that you can't buy fresh fish in Prince Rupert, I'd like City Staff to look into a process where fishermen can come to that dock for periods on Saturdays or Sundays to sell their products. It's a win-win for the city, it's going to draw people from down the line here to shop, and they will spend dollars in town and that and from what I understand from DFO it's a pretty simple process"

As part of the discussion on the proposal, City Manager Robert Long offered up no concerns related to the concept, with Council looking to review the idea further.

You can review Councillor Cunningham's proposal from the City's Video Archive at the one hour and three minute point.

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