Tuesday, June 20, 2017

North Coast Convention Centre to host Port of Prince Rupert's yearly overview tonight

A glimpse into the last year of operations for the regions largest industrial employer is on tap for tonight, as the Prince Rupert Port Authority holds its Annual Public Meeting, scheduled from 6 to 8 PM at the North Coast Convention Centre.

Port staff and officials will provide for the overview of the year just passed and will be on hand to answer questions about the various elements of the ports contributions to the community, marine safety, environment and Canada's global footprint in world trade.

The 2016 Annual Report also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Fairview Container Terminal, which has become one of the key elements of the success of the port's initiatives to secure Prince Rupert as a gateway to the world.

The report directs significant attention towards the growing volume of shipments that pass through the port's various terminals, as well as the increased level of marine traffic that now regularly calls on port facilities.

"Linking a World of Opportunity" is a very appropriate description of the Port of Prince Rupert's journey over the past ten years. The Port has played a vital enabling role in many successful initiatives.

The Port of Prince Rupert's growth as a gateway for Canadian trade has been remarkable, and we have firmly established ourselves as a leading North American port.  The Port's strategic location, and partnerships with high performance supply chain partners, has provided significant value to Canadian businesses throughout the country as they find new opportunities in world markets. -- Comments from the 2016 Annual Report from Prince Rupert Port Authority Chair Bud Smith and President and CEO Don Krusel.

A sneak preview of some of the themes for review from 2016 is now available online through the Port Authority website, with an online interactive annual report available here.

The print edition of the Annual Public Report is available for viewing here.

Further documentation is available through the Financial Statements listings here.

Included among those documents, is a list of the compensation levels for Senior executives and Board appointees.

As part of the Annual Report process, those that take the time to review the range of material can enter to win an iPad Mini, participants will be required to answer a skill testing question. The feedback form and opportunity to win the iPad mini can be found at the very bottom of the online report.

For those that can't attend tonight's APM at the North Coast Convention Centre (located in the Chances complex) the Port will be Live Streaming the event through Facebook live on their Facebook page.

More notes related to the Port of Prince Rupert can be found on our archive page here.

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