Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SD52 recognizes long serving and retiring employees

As the 2017 School year heads into the final few days on the North Coast, there will be many farewells for class mates, teachers and school officials, some for the summer, others for a much longer period, with a number of SD52 teachers set to retire as this month comes to an end.

Earlier this month, the School District hosted a Recognition Ceremony on June 12th to pay tribute to those teachers and staff members that are retiring from their active duties with the District, as well as to salute those that have achieved milestones in education service so far on the North Coast.

Among those who have closed the books on their full time career with SD 52 are:

Mel Blois -- 38 years
Sharon Trew -- 36 years
Nick Adey -- 34 years
Dianne Rabel -- 34 years
Malerie Burton -- 31 years
Sandra Jones -- 30 years
Kathy Dann -- 30 years
Myrna Salo -- 30 years
Cindy Stephens -- 29 years
Brent Krieger -- 28 years
Maria Elsa Kollar -- 27 years
Delores Moore -- 27 years
Theresa Cann -- 26 years
Halina Castelli -- 25 years
Bonnie Dollimount -- 24 years
Lauren Miller -- 21 years
Deb Taylor -- 13 years
Susan Neilson -- 10 years
Tom Taylor -- 3 years

In addition to the salute to the retirees, the School District also paid recognition to those on staff, from teachers, assistants, administrators, maintenance and support staff who have achieved continuous service levels with SD52 the North Coast.

25 Years Plus Service

Don Davies -- 37 years
Barrie Girbav -- 37 years
Dale Boyle -- 35 years
Ellen Braid -- 35 years
Sally Marr -- 35 years
Kathy Offutt -- 35 years
Cindy Paul -- 33 years
Carmel Pepin -- 32 years
Barb Spencer-Dias -- 32 years
Marlene Clifton -- 31 years
Debra Fabbi -- 31 years
Laila Leach -- 31 years 
Karen Martin-Vandette -- 31 years
Dave Salyn -- 31 years
Don Nicholson -- 30 years
Mae Jong-Bowles -- 29 years
Claudette Hornsby -- 29 years
Jacqueline Jackson -- 29 years
Susan Kobza -- 29 years
Kevin Leach -- 29 years
Paul Paling -- 29 years
Beth Palmer -- 29 years
Tamara Thomson -- 29 years
Teresa Weismiller -- 29 years
Wes Baker -- 28 years
Gabriel Bureau -- 28 years
Maria Davies -- 28 years
Sal Magliocchi -- 28 years
Ken Minette -- 28 years
Kerry Savinkoff -- 28 years
Mike Cavin -- 27 years
Yvette Lebedick -- 27 years
Coretta O'Brien -- 27 years
Linda Polsson --27 years
Anna Ashley -- 26 years
Kerry Carpenter -- 26 years
Margaret Cavin --26 years
Kevin MacIlory -- 26 years
Michael Mackey -- 26 years
Andrée Michaud -- 26 years
Shauna Moore -- 26 years
Tasha Parker -- 26 years 

25 Years Continuous Service

Halina Casetlli
Alison Cormack
Kathy Murphy
Deborah Sanders

15 Years Continuous Service

Brenda Deacon
Ana Pereira
Raegan Sawka
Darlene Wilson

5 Years Continuous Service

Charlotte Angus
Joyce Begley
Steve Einarson
Jennifer Gale
MacKenzie Hubbell
Arianne Loranger-Saindon
Genevive Mah
Jenna Mayer
Donna McNeil-Clark
Vonda Robinson
Trevor Stovel

As noted in the retirement recognition, Sandra Jones, the Superintendent for School District 52 is set to take her leave from the School District. Ms. Jones announced her decision to retire back in February of this year.

At that time through a media release the School District noted the long career and achievements for Ms. Jones in the community.

As well, as part of that information release, the School District named Mr. Ken Minette as the new Superintendent, taking on his new duties as of August 1st.

The Schools of SD52 will reopen for the new school year on September 5th, following the Labour Day holiday, a glimpse at the 2017-18 school calendar can be viewed here.

For more items from the last year from both School District 52 and the Independent School Annunciation see our archive page here.

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