Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending June 25, 2017

Our short break from blogging, also resulted in our weekly recap of the five most read items going missing for a good portion of the month, with five days of work now under our belt since our return, we can resume our look at what caught the attention of our readers over the last week.

The item that captured the most attention came from the most recent SD52 Board meeting, where School District trustees reviewed a pair of correspondences from the Prince Rupert and District Teachers' Union.

Readers also provided some strong numbers for our look at a pair of Port related stories, one reviewing the prospect of the construction of a truck bypass road to take traffic away from the city's downtown are, while the annual Public Meeting by the Port also found a large audience this week.

The opportunity to one day wander along the dock at Cow Bay to purchase your supper was the topic of discussion at the most recent City Council session, as Councillor Barry Cunningham offered up the suggestion of exploring the potential of having commercial fishing boats selling their catch from the City owned Cow Bay dock.

And the McKay Street Park also topped the list of five on the week, with local efforts to get in the vote proving successful and delivering 100,000 in funding for the proposed park redevelopment.

Our top story however, comes from the School District and some concerns from the Teachers' union about some recent SD52 decisions.

Prince Rupert Teachers' Union raises concerns for SD52 Board --  As part of the Agenda for the final SD52 Board meeting for the current school year, Board trustees reviewed a number of correspondences from the PRDTDU.   (posted June 21, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Port outlines planning for Fairview Terminal container truck bypass route -- The long sought after container port bypass road may be one step closer to realization, as the Port of Prince Rupert outlined their plans for a southern, shoreline route to Ridley Island.   (posted June 23, 2017)

Councillor Cunningham floats Cow Bay Fish Sale proposal -- The prospect for dockside sales of fish at the Cow Bay Dock was a topic presented to Council by Councillor Barry Cunningham.  (posted June 20, 2017)

Prince Rupert Park in line for award money from BCAA competition -- The voting stopped at midnight last Sunday and the early returns indicated that Prince Rupert's quest for funding for the McKay Street Park proposal had been successful. The news of a 100,000 dollar grant was confirmed by the BCCA on Friday morning.   (posted June 20, 2017)

Port Authority Meeting offers global vision; along with a strong community focus -- The Prince Rupert Port Authority, the region's largest employer and the main economic engine for the North Coast and Northern BC hosted their Annual Public meeting this week, reviewing a number of themes of note for the community. (posted June 23, 2017)

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