Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SD52 addresses unusual activity related to School Board server

School District 52 officials will be sending letters to residents of the community that may have been affected by a recent spate of suspicious activity related to one of the School Board's computer servers.

The cyber incident was recounted for Board officials at their June 13th meeting, when the Director of Instruction, Information Technology reported the nature of the activity that had been focused on the server. 

And while not providing for a large amount of background on the nature of incident and what if any information may have been comprised, the report to the Board did note that steps had been taken to restore the server to service.

As well, the School District has taken additional steps to upgrade the firewall that protects the SD52 computer system.

As part of the follow up to the incident, the Secretary-Treasurer noted that as the server contained personal information, letters would be sent to everyone whose information had been stored on the server where the suspicious activity had taken place.

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