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Education 2018 -- UNBC Archives

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education at the University level on the North Coast and Northern British Columbia.

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October 12 -- UNBC begins multi-million glacier project involving student researchers
October 11 -- UNBC second best primarily Undegraduate school in Nation, according to Maclean's
October 10 -- UNBC begins search for new Chancellor
October 9 -- UNBC Hosting Discovery Day event on October 20th


September 29 -- UNBC Researcher awarded Banting fellowship
September 25 -- UNBC Researcher named Banting Fellow for third time since 2013
September 9 -- UNBC secures President for another five years
September 7 -- UNBC renews Dr. Daniel Weeks for second term as President


August 29 -- Northern non-profit offers support to small-town students dealing with sexual assault on campus (audio)


July 5 -- UNBC garden closed after deer gives birth on campus  (audio)
July 4 -- UNBC Alumni Council hands out two prestigious awards


June 25 -- UNBC executes Canada wide survey on wildlife protection 
June 19 -- New scholarship funding for UNBC
June 11 -- UNBC joins social collaboration
June 6 -- UNBC recognized as one of world's best young universities
June 5 -- UNBC researcher leading task force in making history and archives more inclusive of Indigenous communities (audio)
June 4 -- UNBC researcher acquires grant to look into Indigenous archives


May 25 -- UNBC to celebrate 25th Convocation (video)
May 25 -- UNBC hands out degrees
May 25 -- UNBC's 25th  convocation sees hundreds of local, internationals graduates
May 25 -- UNBC students awarded 3M National Fellowships
May 25 -- UNBC celebrates 2018 graduating class during 25th convocation
May 24 -- UNBC to celebrate 25th convocation
May 24 -- UNBC students named 3M Student Fellows
May 24 -- UNBC Celebrating 25th Convocation
May 24 -- UNBC Presenting Honourary Degrees (video)
May 24 -- UNBC to celebrate 25th Convocation (UNBC statement)
May 23 -- Two UNBC Students honoured with prestigious award
May 23 -- Two UNBC Students named 3M fellows
May 23 -- Two UNBC Students named 3M Student Fellows (video)
May 23 -- Two Students Named 3M Fellows (UNBC statement)
May 22 -- Valedictorians reflect on their time at UNBC  (video)
May 22 -- NMP professor receives international medical research prize
May 22 -- UNBC Researcher recognized Internationally (video)
May 20 -- Construction industry focal point of International UNBC partnership
May 18 -- UNBC professor analyzes Human impact on protected land
May 18 -- Acclaimed author to host event at UNBC
May 17 -- World's Protected Areas Being Rapidly destroyed by humanity  (UNBC statement)
May 17 -- UNBC Professor involved in human impact study
May 16 -- Garden Seminars coming to UNBC  (video)
May 14 -- UNBC Associate professor to talk the Science of Coffee at Speaker Series
May 14 -- Be a speaker at TEDx UNBC
May 14 -- TEDxUNBC launches search for speakers
May 14 -- Nursing Grad Recognized for work on Harm Reduction and Prison Health
May 11 -- Meet UNBC's Northern Medical Programs Class of 2018
May 11 -- Engineering International Partnerships   (UNBC statement)
May 11 -- Applications for TEDXUNBC 2018 officially open
May 11 -- NMP celebrates new graduates
May 11 -- Moving away from Plastic Straws can be achieved: UNBC Sustainability
May 11 -- More than 30 Doctors Graduate Today (video)
May 11 -- TEDx Returns to UNBC (video)
May 10 -- Precision Measurement of the Proton's Weak Charge Narrows the Search for New Physics
May 10 -- Valedictorians named for UNBC convocation ceremonies
May  9 -- Buttar, Cunningham named 2018 Valedictorians
May 9 -- UNBC Names 2018 Valedictorians (UNBC statement)
May 9 -- Bursary clears way for indigenous health students
May 8 -- A Lab in a Lab: Wood Innovation Research Lab as a Teaching Tool (UNBC statement)
May 7 -- UNBC grad named to Forest Practices Board
May 7 -- UNBC suspensions unusual
May 7 -- New Forest practices board members includes UNBC graduate
May 7 -- UNBC faculty concerned over 'emergency power' suspensions
May 4 -- Halseth Launches into New Canada Research Chair Team (UNBC statement)
May 4 -- UNBC prof re-appointed Canada Research Chair
May 4 -- UNBC Professor to continue studies in to rural communities
May 2 -- Mentor, internationally-recognized researcher selected Professor Emeritus (UNBC statement)
May 1 -- Wood innovation lab gets ready to open doors at UNBC
May 1 -- UNBC Wood Innovation Research Lab opens


April 24 -- Gwynne Dyer to speak at UNBC
April 19 -- UNBC recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers 
April 19 -- UNBC Named to Greenest Employer List (video)
April 18 -- UNBC student survey finds low support for electoral reform
April 16 -- UNBC hands out athletic awards
April 17 -- B.C. student successfully defends thesis in spoken-word poems
April 16 -- UNBC students to benefit from musical fundraiser
April 13 -- Increased natural resource education available fo UNBC Indigenous students
April 12 -- Natural Resource Training For Indigenous Students At UNBC  (video)
April 12 -- UNBC"s wood innovation research lab gets financial boost from Federal Government
April 11 -- Equipping Engineers to discover the future of Wood buildings (UNBC statement)
April 11 -- UNBC receives funding for new lab
April  9 -- UNBC Students Get Help from Therapy Dogs  (video)
April 8 -- Hall, Louka claim UNBC Athlete of the year honours
April 6 -- UNBC sees continued support for their wood First Program
April 6 -- UNBC Part of Forest Sector Funding  (video)


March 30 -- Berger, Hill to receive honourary degrees at UNBC
March 29 -- Thomas Berger, Lawrence Hill to receive UNBC honourary degrees
March 29 -- UNBC to give two honourary degrees
March 29 -- UNBC Announces Honourary Degrees  (video)
March 28 -- UNBC prof recognized for language leadership 
March 28 -- UNBC Tuition fees to see subtle increase
March 28 -- Local activists to discuss the dangers of spraying in our forests at UNBC
March 27 -- UNBC Associate Professor responds to Gender inclusive changes by Service Canada
March 27 -- UNBC Research Group Gets $1 Million   (video)
March 27 -- New funding announced for UNBC research of Nechako River
March 27 -- UNBC Associate Professor responds to gender inclusive changes by Service Canada
March 24 -- UNBC passes tuition fee increase, balanced budget
March 23 -- UNBC class gauging local support for electoral reform
March 23 -- UNBC political science class looks to educate peers on electoral reform
March 22 -- UNBC students encouraged to take care of mental, physical well-being
March 21 -- UNBC Naloxone Training A success  (video)
March 20 -- UNBC well-being fair at perfect time for stressed students
March 19 -- UNBC Students Sleep Outside for Homeless  (video)
March 17 -- Dr. Payne named UNBC VP Research and Graduate programs
March 15 -- UNBC staging Tony award winning musical
March 15 -- Into The Woods casts familiar faces
March 14 -- Professor Recognized for Language Revitalization work  (UNBC statement)
March 14 -- Proposed UNBC student fee increase nixed
March 13 -- Colonial legacy a barrier for care, says local obstetrician
March 13 -- UNBC Culture Day and International Food Fair (video)
March 13 -- UNBC showcases diverse student-body for Culture Day
March 13 -- "If you don't step up, sit down': open letter criticizes undergrads for not running for student council
March 13 -- UNBC celebrates diversity with culture day
March 12 -- Dr. Geoff Payne named VP research and grad programs at UNBC
March 12 -- Payne named UNBC Vice President of research and graduate programs
March 12 -- UNBC Names New VP of Research and Graduate programs  (video)
March 12 -- UNBC names new Vice President Research and Graduate Programs (UNBC statement)
March 9 -- Ending gendered violence is the focus of symposium at UNBC
March 9 -- Hitchhiking study finds higher rates of sexual violence in north
March 8 -- Dental students take oral health to the streets
March 7 -- UNBC students fair well when paying back rising tuition fees
March 7 -- UNBC students attend peace building forum
March 7 -- Understanding the nature of science
March 6 -- UNBC forum to focus on gender violence
March 5 -- UNBC students to participate in Canadian International Model United Nations Session
March 5 -- Students head to Ottawa for model United Nations Session  (UNBC statement)
March 2 -- UNBC researchers discover benefits of moringa tree root powder
March 2 -- UNBC Northwest offers University Life 101 for young Aboriginal students  (UNBC statement)
March 1 -- UNBC Researchers Discover Solution for contaminated water  (video)
March 1 -- Study discovers moringa 'miracle' tree roots can kill most E. coli bacteria  (UNBC statement)


February 28 -- UNBC researcher looks at 'last chance tourism'
February 28 -- Exploring Last-Chance Tourism (UNBC statement)
February 26 -- De Leeuw, UNBC researchers co-write articles on Indigenous Health challenges
February 26 -- Russell connects to Indigenous culture on New Zealand exchange  (UNBC statement)
February 23 -- Northern researchers featured in high profile Lancet journal
February 23 -- UNBC ranked a top employer
February 23 -- Researchers participate in Report on Canadian Health Care  (UNBC statement)
February 22 -- Individual recognition for UNBC post
February 22 -- UNBC "Top Employer" Again (video)
February 22 -- UNBC Named a Top Employer for Third Straight Year  (UNBC statement)
February 22 -- UNBC one of BC's best employers for a third straight year
February 19 -- Michael Landsberg shares story of depression, anxiety at Timberwolves breakfast
February 19 -- Landsberg opens up about Mental Health Battle at UNBC Timberwolves Legacy Breakfast
February 19 -- Michael Landsberg talks mental health at UNBC Legacy Breakfast
February 19 -- Students, Faculty Collaborate on Health Research project  (UNBC statement)
February 18 -- UNBC and Alberta researchers create formula for curling
February 18 -- UNBC playing a key role in economic opportunities
February 16 -- UNBC to be part of digital technology super cluster
February 15 -- Fast held at UNBC to address violence against women, children
February 15 -- UNBC part of BC Supercluster  (video)
February 15 -- UNBC to partner in technology consortium  (UNBC statement)
February 14 -- Researchers Discover why Curling Rocks Curl  (UNBC statement)
February 8  -- Red Cross expert in crisis leadership to speak at UNBC
February 7 -- UNBC showcased different ways to battle climate change for the Green Day 2018
February 6 -- Students take part in the 2018 Green Day Event at UNBC
February 6 -- Legal age of 21 key to helping youth butt out, says researcher
February 6 -- Green Day Underway at UNBC (video)
February 3 -- UNBC to host 'electric avenue' of clean cars
February 1 -- Study finds minimum age laws curb youth smoking  (UNBC statement)


January 31 -- UNBC Seniors bid home crowd farewell
January 30 -- Studying abroad brings UNBC, Norwegian students together  (UNBC statement)
January 27 -- UNBC professor explores German immigration to Argentina in New Book
January 26 -- UNBC historian looking back at school's creation
January 26 -- UNBC Cafeteria workers protest against low wages, asking school to take responsibility
January 26 -- Threading the Connection between Education and community (UNBC statement)
January 24 -- Food Service Staff Stage Sit In at UNBC
January 24 -- Cafeteria workers stage UNBC protest
January 24 -- Cafeteria workers call on UNBC president to support wage demands
January 24 -- UNBC Tim Hortons, Cafeteria workers rally for better wages
January 23 -- Learning lessons from immigration  (UNBC statement)
January 20 -- UNBC forum urges caution on resource development
January 19 -- Post-Secondary students saddled with the pressures of being perfectionists
January 18 -- UNBC, CNC funding announcements taken from B. C. Liberal platform
January 17 -- Provincial funds for interior universities support growing demand for tech-related education  (UNBC statement)
January 16 -- UNBC, CNC receive funding for Engineering Programs
January 16 -- UNBC and CNC announce new civil engineering programs
January 16 -- Government to fund Engineering programs for students in Prince George (UNBC statement)
January 16 -- New engineering programs coming to UNBC and CNC (video)
January 16 -- Engineering an education at UNBC and CNC
January 13 -- Maclean's gives UNBC low marks for grad rates
January 12 -- Dustin Louie a role model at UNBC
January 11 -- UNBC Partners with University of Toronto on Remote Internship program (UNBC statement)
January 11 -- UNBC business students hit the road for JDC West
January 11 -- UNBC appoints first Aboriginal Scholar (audio)
January 11 -- UNBC partners with University of Toronto on Remote Internship Program (UNBC statement)
January 10 -- Feedback wanted on Sexual violence at BC Universities (video)
January 10 -- UNBC Ranks low when it comes to graduation rates in Canada
January 9 -- UNBC Happy government wants to take action in preventing sexual violence on campuses
January 8 -- UNBC and Gitxsan Development Corp to offer aboriginal tourism program
January 5 -- UNBC Names First Aboriginal Scholar in Residence (UNBC statement)
January 5 -- UNBC Names First Aboriginal Scholar in Residence
January 5 -- UNBC names inaugural aboriginal scholar in residence
January 5 -- UNBC's aboriginal scholar to engage students, encourage academic achievement
January 5 -- UNBC's First Aboriginal Scholar in Residence chosen (video)
January 3 -- Achieving Accreditation (UNBC statement)

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