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Industrial Development 2018 -- Canadian National Railway

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to the growing influence of Canadian National Railways across the Northwest and on the North Coast.

CN Rail website

Transportation Safety Board of Canada Deployment Notices

For items of interest on oil or propane by rail or regarding North Coast oil terminals potentially to be served by CN see our links below:

Oil Terminal Proposals
Liquid Propane Proposals
Marine Fuel proposals

Other items of note about Canadian National service to Prince Rupert can be found below



December 28 -- ‘Canapux’ may be next to ease B.C.’s heavy oil shipping pressure
December 3 -- CN Rail President and CEO claims title of Railroader of the Year  NCR


November 29 -- CN Rail hopeful for less headaches as 2018 Grain shipment season gets underway  NCR
November 27 -- Will the CanaPux change views on the shipment of oil in the North Coast?  NCR
November 15 -- Build now to avoid a bottleneck
November 14 -- CN signal boxes shot
November 7 -- Federal Government announces 21.9 million dollars in investments in the Port of Prince Rupert
November 7 -- Feds Announce Major investment in Prince Rupert Port infrastructure
November 7 -- Government invests nearly $22M in Port of Prince Rupert
November 7 -- Federal Government to invest close to 22 million dollars on Port infrastructure and new access route to Fairview NCR


October 28 -- Grain car derailment on Ridley Island
October 15 -- More fencing installed along CN tracks in Terrace
October 18 -- Train derailment in Smithers
October 9 -- CN Rail outlines Winer Operations Plan for 2018-19  NCR


September 27 -- CN Rail observing Rail Safety Week  NCR
September 24 -- Vopak expects 240 liquid gas by rail cars per day


August 30 -- Rail car shortfalls drag on sales, grain companies say
August 10 -- CN level crossing overpass project likely over budget
August 7 -- Saskatchewan farmers hopeful new CN Rail plan leads to better grain movement to port


July 24 -- CN makes the interim, permanent: Names JJ Ruest President and CEO  NCR
July 23 -- CN Rail outlines Pest Management Plans for 2018-2023  NCR
July 4 -- CN rail overpass designs shelved for now, says city


June 14 -- Via Rail asks "infrastructure partners" to solve passenger train delays
June 12 -- CN changes its position on sharing spraying methods with BC government
June 7 -- CN investments will see work on northern BC tracks
June 7 -- CN Rail to invest $340M in BC in 2018
June 5 -- Concerns of environmental groups for CN vegetation plan gain increased media attention across the Northwest  NCR
June 4 -- Environment group worried CN may again spray herbicide along the Skeena River
June 4 -- CN Pest Management plan (video)
June 1 -- CN Rail refuses to submit pest plan in wake of government probe


May 24 -- Putting the horse before the cart
May 23 -- Port Edward and CN to talk about double tracks
May 22 -- Give VIA Rail passengers priority says Councillor Randhawa
May 15 -- Frac sands, grain and lumber demand keeping Port of Prince Rupert busy
May 15 -- CN Rail volumes increasing after poor first quarter
May 11 -- As Emergency Preparedness week wraps up, CN makes note of its emergency response program  NCR


April 24 -- CN explores a range of options in quest to build up rail network infrastructure  NCR
April 23 -- Tree branch damages VIA Rail train between Prince Rupert and Prince George
April 18 -- CN looks to Northern BC rail line expansion and staff hirings for Spring/Summer 2018  NCR
April 16 -- CN Rail investing in regional improvements
April 11 -- CN Rail executive in PG to discuss Grain and Lumber backlog with industries


March 29 -- BC Transportation Minister takes concerns over rail transportation across Northern BC to federal counterpart  NCR
March 28 -- Hundreds of thousands of dollars in B.C. grain, lumber and other products sit idle due to rail backlog 
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Grain cancels 350,000 tonnes of business
March 7 -- CN apologizes to grain customers
March 7 -- CN Rail dumps CEO, as Federal government expresses concerns over grain deliveries  NCR


February 27 -- Grain shipment delays the latest concerns for users of Prince Rupert port facilities  NCR
February 20 -- CN facing heat from customers, suppliers and investors over service delays  NCR
February 10 -- MP criticizes CN culture after coal train derailment
February 9 -- Port's partners get chance for notice at Vancouver Logistics convention  NCR
February 8 -- CN overpass plans for Terrace (video)
February 6 -- City seeks proposals on rail-yard pedestrian overpass


January 27 -- Clean-Up continues on Train Derailment near New Hazelton
January 26 -- New Hazelton train derailment update (video)
January 25 -- Derailment cleanup in Mission Creek near New Hazelton
January 25 -- CN's shareholders to share in benefits of railway's strong performance  NCR
January 23 -- CN trailer set up for public requests near derailment
January 22 -- More information on Train derailment near New Hazelton expected Monday
January 22 -- Train derailment near Hazelton still under investigation
January 22 -- With Fairview Terminal on the cover, CN Rail makes for the feature profile for BC shipping magazine  NCR
January 21 -- Coal train derailment near New Hazelton (video)
January 20 -- Clean up continues along CN Line near New Hazelton following coal train derailment  NCR
January 19 -- Update: Train derailment near New Hazelton
January 19 -- Conservation group worried about spill's impact on salmon
January 18 -- New Hazelton train derailment
January 18 -- Train derailment near New Hazelton
January 18 -- CN train derails near New Hazelton
January 18 -- Train derailment near New Hazelton
January 16 -- CN Rail, Police union reach tentative labour agreement  NCR

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