Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Industrial Development 2018 -- Ray-Mont Agricultural terminal

Our quick reference and archive of items related to the operation of the Trans-Mont Agricultural Terminal.

Ray-Mont Website



September 12 -- Ray-Mont video provides glimpse into daily operations at Ridley Island terminal  NCR


August 30 -- Rail car shortfalls drag on sales, grain companies say
August 7 -- Saskatchewan farmers hopeful new CN Rail plan leads to better grain movement to port


July 6 -- Port warns residents of upcoming controlled burn




May 15 -- CN Rail volumes increasing after poor first quarter


April 11 -- CN Rail executive in PG to discuss Grain and Lumber backlog with industries


March 29 -- BC Transportation Minister takes concerns over rail transportation across Northern BC to federal counterpart  NCR
March 28 -- Hundreds of thousands of dollars in B.C. grain, lumber and other products sit idle due to rail backlog 
March 9 -- Prince Rupert Grain cancels 350,000 tonnes of business
March 7 -- CN apologizes to grain customers
March 7 -- CN Rail dumps CEO, as Federal government expresses concerns over grain deliveries  NCR


February 27 -- Grain shipment delays the latest concerns for users of Prince Rupert port facilities  NCR
February 9 -- Port's partners get chance for notice at Vancouver Logistics convention  NCR


January 11 -- Containers rule! But Diversification helping drive Port of Prince Rupert to record levels  NCR
January 10 -- Rupert port breaks its own records in 2017

Archive of items for 2017

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