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Municipal Government 2018 -- Town of Smithers ( As well as around the Bulkley Valley area)

Our quick reference and archive of items from Smithers, Telkwa, Houston and Burns Lake for 2018.

Town of Smithers website


Smithers/Telkwa region


December 13 -- Smithers Council flips decision on bylaw, will allow CT Scanner to be brought in
December 12 -- Smithers CT variance (video)
December 12 -- Smithers Council agrees to bylaw exemption for CT Scanner-Project
December 12 -- New funding to prepare communities for next disaster
December 11 -- A win for the Towns CT Scanner
December 11 -- If at first, your sign does not succeed
December 11 -- Smithers council reverses CT Scan vote
December 11 -- Smithers council to again consider variance for CT Scanner Project
December 11 -- To get to the other side
December 10 -- Final town Council meeting until the New Year
December 4 -- Bulkley Valley food producers discuss climate change
December 3 -- RDBN wants flexibility with additional dwellings on farmland 


November 30 -- Why Telkwa has the worst flag in British Columbia (audio)
November 30 -- Pool back open Sundays
November 29 -- BV Pool back in business Sundays
November 28 -- Council gambles with future of BC Hospitals new CT Room
November 28  -- CT scanner 'paused' after council denies varince
November 28 -- Council Donates Land for New Housing project
November 27 -- Tyhee Market applies to sell alcohol
November 26 -- Smithers Town council set to review Library/Art Gallery Grant application
November 26 -- Smithers Pot hearing
November 24 -- BC Transit honoured for bringing better transportation to Highway 16
November 24 -- New Telkwa council holds first meeting
November 21 -- One in Five Children in the RDBN are living in Poverty
November 21 -- Smithers and Telkwa get affordable housing
November 20 -- Bulkely-Nechako District gets new Chairperson, Board of Directors
November 15 -- Grand Opening Today for new Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre
November 15 -- BVLD communities receive annual support grants
November 15 -- Taxi airport parking problems
November 14 -- Licensing for retail cannabis moves forward at Town Council
November 14 -- Elderly residents not given enough time to cross the road
November 13 -- New Smithers council gets to work
November 13 -- Affordable rental homes coming to Smithers, Telkwa
November 13 -- Town Council Preview: Tuesday November 13th
November 9 -- Pair of Bulkley-Nechako Centres part of Universal Childcare prototype project
November 8 -- Smithers Fire Rescue Honoured by Muscular Dystrophy Canada
November 8 -- Red Cross Response to RDBN excess wildfire funds
November 8 -- Smithers supportive housing for the homeless done in December
November 7 -- Late night Telkwa car crash causes power outage for over 1,800 people
November 6 -- Red Cross Responds to Bulkkley Nechako RD Concerns about Wildfire Relief funds
November 6 -- Plans for the new Smithers Town Council
November 5 -- Over $6,000 raised to support Smiithers Library
November 5 -- The Smithers Town Council is getting sworn in tonight
November 5 -- Extra Bed Space in Broadway shelter as winter approaches


(Our archive of election notes for Northwest Inland can be found here)

October 31 -- Housing for women and children fleeing violence
October 29 -- RDBN concerned about wildfire relief funds
October 28 -- RDBN says Red Cross has $100 Million in unspent relief that could help wildfire victims
October 26 -- RDBN issues letter voicing concerns over Red Cross spending
October 26 -- New cell service coming to Highway of Tears
October 26 -- Province offers support for women, children fleeing violence
October 26 -- Cell service coming to Witset and Highway of Tears
October 26 -- New cell tower brings increased connectivity to Witset area
October 25 -- $734 million in funding announced for women and children fleeing violence
October 25 -- Kitimat, Smithers and Prince George hosting 3 transition housing projects
October 24 -- Mayors in Bulkley Valley lasting longer then in other parts of the province
October 23 -- Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach's priorities  (video)
October 23 -- Construction begins on Smithers Supportive Housing project
October 23 -- Bill Goodacre says goodbye
October 23 -- Bulkley Valley Museum looking at solutions to preserve the Town's artifacts
October 21 -- Mayor of Smithers re-elected for third term
October 20 -- Taylor Bachrach re-elected as Smithers Mayor
October 20 -- Village of Telkwa mayor elect Brad Layton
October 20 -- Local election results
October 20 -- Municipal and School Board election results 2018
October 20 -- Where to store Valley's history
October 19 -- Local Elections Saturday - Free Bus Rides for some Northwest voters
October 19 -- Time to decide your leaders 
October 18 -- Smithers election: Frank Wray
October 18 -- Smithers election: Phil Brienesse
October 18 -- Smithers election: Ryan Zapiosocki
October 18 -- Smithers election: Lorne Benson
October 18 -- Smithers election: John Buikema
October 18 -- Million-dollar culture centre donation
October 18 -- Ball rolling on library/gallery
October 18 -- Smithers Business owners step for library-gallery project
October 17 -- Smithers election: Casda Thomas 
October 17 -- Smithers election: Greg Brown
October 17 -- Smithers election: Gladys Atrill
October 17 -- Smithers election: Colin Bateman
October 17 -- Advanced polls open in Smithers tod
October 17 -- Bulkley Valley pot laws
October 16 -- Helping out your neighbours with snow removal this winter
October 15 -- 10th Anniversary of trail to town
October 15 -- $3,500 raised for playground in Topley
October 13 -- Initiative to combat homelessness is under construction
October 12 -- Telkwa/RDBN candidates debate taxes and spending
October 11 -- Smithers to decide
October 10 -- Smithers Town Council moving slowly on generating a policy for Cannabis Retail and Use
October 10 -- Smithers moving forward with Library and Art Gallery project to meet grant deadline
October 10 -- Councillor Bill Goodacre: A man of few words who impacted many
October 9 -- Town Council Preview
October 5 -- Government gives RDBN $5 million to assist farmers and ranchers with wildfires recovery
October 5 -- Mayor responds on paying for paving
October 4 -- New United States-Mexico- Canada Agreement Bad for Business in the Bulkley Valley
October 4 -- Mayor of Smithers, Taylor Bachrach going for his third term in office
October 4 -- Candidates considered re-zoning as possible solution to affordable housing issue
October 3 -- Concept design for new $15.87 million library/art gallery
October 3 -- John McDivitt wants to stop payment on Highway 16 bus to Burns Lake
October 3 -- Brad Layton aim to promote growth and change provincial funding
October 3 -- LNG Canada pipeline facing opposition from local First Nations
October 3 -- 'Bylaws and rules need to be simplified to help local 'businesses;' Smithers Mayoral candidate Randy Bell
October 3 -- BVLD Votes 2018: Smithers All Candidates forum tonight
October 2 -- Smithers Salvation Army is trying to stock their shelves
October 1 -- Candidates for Telkwa Mayor debate best way to lower taxes
October 1 -- Telkwa all candidates forum tonight
October 1 -- All candidates forums start tonight
October 1 -- Candidates for Telkwa Mayor debate best way to lower taxes


September 26 -- Smithers Town Council recognizes Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Centennial year
September 26 -- Smithers Town Council votes to support the communities on the move project
September 26 -- Smithers Town Council has some issues with the proposed cost for the new library and Art Gallery
September 25 -- Town council Preview: Tuesday, September 25th
September 24 -- Smithers Town Councillor withdraws from race
September 24 -- 'Skinny' houses could alleviate shortage
September 24 -- Five Candidates lists released for local elections
September 20 -- Challenge vs LNG 'vexatious' claim
September 19 -- Mayoral races in the northwest begin to take shape
September 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen stresses importance of certainty in Smithers remains investigation
September 19 -- Spirit North funding announcement now expected any day
September 19 -- First Nations also worried about LNG pipeline challenge
September 17 -- Council and school board candidates declared
September 17 -- Telkwa Municipal election
September 14 -- Municipal elections nomination period to close today
September 13 -- Open fire ban lifted in Smithers
September 12 -- Smithers seeks tougher  burn regulations
September 12 -- Bulkley Valley Regional Pool will be closed on Sundays
September 12 -- Electric vehicle potential unveiled
September 12 -- Staff shortage forces Sunday pool closure in Smithers
September 12 -- Staff shortage closes pool on Sundays
September 12 -- The Bulkley Valley Health Foundation receives big sponsorship
September 12 -- New payroll tax is going to be hitting municipalities hard
September 11 -- Smithers fire ban over
September 11 -- Witset Book Walk (video)
September 11 -- Smithers, Witset residents walk 34km in unity
September 11 -- Village of Telkwa petitioning ICBC for lower rates
September 10 -- Provincial Finance committee will come to Smithers for opinions on its 2019 budget
September 10 -- A political party focused on BC's smaller communities
September 10 -- Library support resolution to be considered next month
September 9 -- Smithers residents, Witsuwit'en come together on the Walk to Witset
September 9 -- Walk to Witset brings communities together
September 8 -- Local governments across BC to enter passenger service debate
September 7 -- Exploring the hidden history of Smithers' "Indiantown" and what it says about racism and reconciliation (audio)
September 7 -- Community walk to Witset
September 7 -- Smithers man drawing ire of LNG supporters over pipeline challenge
September 7 -- 14 northern BC mayors 'disappointed' at LNG pipeline challenge
September 7 -- Telkwa Council looks into retail cannabis
September 7 -- New B.C. Party looks to represent rural voters in next election
September 6 -- New provincial political party to focus on rural British Columbia
September 6 -- Northern Mayors pen letter over challenge of LNG project
September 6 -- Smithers and Hazelton get new buses
September 5 -- RDBN rescinds evacuation alerts for two wildfires
September 5 -- First Municipal election season under new spending rules kicks off
September 5 -- New book highlighting early relationship between Smithers and Witsuwit'en Nation
September 5 -- Airport lounge a welcome addition
September 4 -- Armed Forces converge on Smithers


August notes related Regional wildfires can be found here

August 31 -- Social media presence helps drive tourism
August 30 -- Cultural centre redesign emphasizes public space
August 30 -- Library support resolution to be considered next month
August 29 -- New Smithers Airport Lounge going Green in style
August 28 -- More on Smithers Airport lounge (video)
August 28 -- Airport lounge in Smithers reaches completion
August 28 -- Local restauranteurs in Smithers have banded together to address a staffing issue in town
August 28 -- More on Smithers Airport lounge opening (video)
August 28 -- Town Council Preview: August 28
August 27 -- Smithers Regional Airport unveils new departure lounge
August 27 -- Smithers Airport Lounge (video)
August 24 -- Long Time Smithers resident, town employee passes
August 15 -- Smithers survey on future of pot plan
August 15 -- Tourism Holding Steady in Smithers Despite Regional wildfires
August 14 -- Town Council Preview: Tuesday, August 14th
August 10 -- Tax Breaks for Smithers Businesses that offer housing  (video)
August 9 -- Smithers Airport Update, August 9
August 8 -- Stage 2 water restrictions in effect for Telkwa
August 6 -- Three ideas for gallery/library Arts and Culture Centre
August 3 -- Smithers resident launches jurisdictional challenge of LNG pipeline
August 3 -- Smithers bans open fires
August 3 -- Telkwa pot could supply Saskatchewan
August 2 -- Telkwa Mayor standing up to ICBC over 'unfair rates'
August 2 -- Smithers, Telkwa, New Hazelton also implement fire bans
August 2 -- Lake Kathlyn Society wants environmental recommendations enforced
August 2 -- Bulkley Valley E-S-S team to expand their volunteer numbers
August 2 -- Recruitment top priority for Bulkley Valley Emergency Support Services
August 1 -- Telkwa Mayor fed up residents' insurance rates are determined by a city 350 km away (audio)
August 1 -- Homelessness increase in Smithers


July 30 -- ICBC rejects Telkwa's plea for fairness
July 26 -- Smithers residents join in on process for new library (video)
July 26 -- Architects present options for new Smithers Library
July 25 -- Smithereens asked to weigh in on new public spaces at school, library, art gallery (audio)
July 25 -- Art Gallery, Library and Veterans Park Design concept open house today
July 25 -- $134,350 tractor/mower coming to Smithers Airport
July 25 -- Smithers ranks nationally on active communities list
July 25 -- Letters of support are becoming a trend for Smithers council
July 24 -- Air quality statement for Bulkley Valley and Lakes
July 24 -- Town Council Preview July 24
July 24 -- Homelessness up in Smithers
July 23 -- Art Gallery, Library and Veterans Park design concept Open House
July 23 -- Smithers downtown residential tax break passed
July 22 -- Supportive housing modules housed on Main Street
July 20 -- Smithers Fire Department Open House
July 19 -- Smithers 'way ahead' on preparing for pot
July 18 -- September 11th Fire Truck in Smithers
July 18 -- Affordable housing for seniors and people with disabilities
July 16 -- Highway 16 taking place this week in the BVLD
July 12 -- Smithers goes ahead with letter of support for Witset
July 12 -- Emergency Services Day in Houston
July 11 -- Staging site for the supportive housing project approved by Smithers Council
July 11 -- Next Hydro electric vehicle charging phase to come north
July 11 -- Telkwa plans for pot legalization
July 10 -- Smithers to receive affordable accessible housing
July 10 -- Cullen introduces NDP leader to local residents, discuss Northwest issues
July 10 -- Town Council Preview
July 9 -- Nathan Cullen, Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in Smithers today
July 7 -- Incumbent Civic Candidate Update
July 6 -- Work gets underway for Supportive Housing project in Smithers
July 6 -- 3 storey supportive housing closer to reality
July 6 -- Busking bylaw part of music and arts recommendations
July 5 -- Recent Bear activity in Smithers
July 5 -- New Machine looks to improve styrofoam recycling in Smithers
July 5 -- Smithers considers bear conflict solutions


June 28 -- Significant funding coming to the BVLD
June 27 -- Reducing Bear and Human conflicts in Smithers
June 26 -- Highway 16 Businesses in Smithers now available for Spruce Up Program
June 25 -- Telkwa Mayor Repen returns
June 23 -- Regional District plans for future
June 22 -- Smithers RCMP commander Rob Mitchell gets promotion
June 20 -- Smithers Mayor runs again
June 18 -- Nine children taken to hospital after swimming pool incident in Smithers
June 18 -- Taylor Bachrach announces plans for upcoming Municipal Election
June 16 -- Kids fall ill during maintenance at Smithers Pool
June 14 -- Increased Bear activity in Smithers and the Surrounding area
June 13 -- Craft beer drinkers rejoice: another brewery is coming to town
June 13 -- Smithers RCMP Commander, Rob Mitchell, pursues new position
June 13 -- Upcoming waste management consultations for the RDBN
June 10 -- Motion passes to start long Bulkley Valley District Hospital replacement process
June 12 -- Smithers Town Council goes ahead with letter of support for the DIK TIY housing society
June 12 -- Local company lands new Smithers Fire Storage unit contract
June 12 -- Town Council Preview: June 12
June 11 -- RDBN Waste management consultations begin this evening in Telkwa
June 10 -- Affordable housing group looking for Smithers' support
June  8 -- Smithers RCMP launch 'Downtown for All' initiative
June 6 -- Two strikes in Smithers and you're ticketed
June 5 -- Increased police presence in downtown Smithers for the summer
June 5 -- Unique location is part of the reasoning for job vacancies in the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District
June 3 -- Two strikes and speeders are out
June 1 -- Telkwa coal holds open house


May 31 -- Telkwa water restrictions begin June 1st
May 31 -- Rally in support of resource industry
May 31 -- Telkwa mayor recovering at home
May 25 -- Pro Resource Development rally planned for Smithers-Telkwa Saturday
May 24 -- Resource Rally set for Smithers (video)
May 24 -- Smithers Council wants more info before supporting affordable housing proposal for Hilltop Pub
May 23 -- Smithers Hilltop Housing (video)
May 23 -- New 12,500 square foot Home Hardware starts construction
May 22 -- Smithers launches emergency notification system
May 22 -- Smithers launches New Emergency Notification system
May 22 -- Telkwa Mayor on medical leave
May 18 -- Increased IT support for the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako
May 17 -- Bulkley River Drops a Bit Overnight, Rising this morning
May 17 -- Bulkley Valley tourist industry adjusts to salmon closure
May 16 -- Bulkley River Still High in Smithers, but Dropping in Houston
May 16 -- A public reminder about fires in the Bulkley Valley
May 15 -- Bulkley River dropping near Houston, Still climbing near Smithers
May 15 -- Smithers Public Library wins super trustees award
May 14 -- Town of Smithers receives $50,000 for infrastructure spending
May 13 -- 'Fractures our spirit all over again'
May 11 -- Record Bulkley River flooding forecast
May 11 -- River Forecast update May 11
May 11 -- Bulkley likely to rise with warm weather forecast
May 11 -- Rising river leads Smithers on a rollercoaster ride
May 11 -- RDBN Chair Bill Miller on Smithers Evacuation Alert
May 10 -- Flood Warning Now in Place for Bulkley River in Houston, Smithers
May 10 -- Evacuation alert issued for Ebeneezer Flats area of Smithers
May 10 -- Evacuation Alert for Smithers Residents east of the Bulkley River
May 10 -- Town of Smithers closes areas due to potential flooding
May 10 -- Ebenezer Flats told to be ready for evacuation
May 10 -- Flood warning issued for Bulkley River
May 10 -- Smithers Flood Watch and Bulkley Valley Fair Grounds closure
May 10 -- Bulkley River flood warning
May 10 -- Rivers Forecast Centre puts Bulkley Valley on Flood Warning
May 9 -- Perimeter Trail closure in Smithers
May 9 -- Rising water closes Perimeter Trail
May 9 -- Smithers and CUPE Local 1570 reach five year deal
May 9 -- CUPE and Smithers Sign 5 year collective Agreement
May 9 -- Cellular emergency alerts today in the Bulkley Valley
May 8 -- NWCC expands housing options to Smithers, with hopes for North Coast plans in the future NCR
May 8 -- All Eyes on weather as Bulkley River rises
May 8 -- Plastic bag use in Smithers, What is the solution?
May 8 -- "The debate over round vs square rocks," Mayor Bachrach on Smithers Downtown Revitalization program
May 8 -- Special Weather statement in effect for the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District
May 8 -- Town of Smithers releases flood watch statement
May 7 -- Smithers Town Council May 8
May 7 -- CO Service relocates three young grizzlies
May 7 -- Flood Watch issued for Bulkley River
May 7 -- Flood watch issued for Bulkley River, tributaries near Smithers, Houston and Burns Lake
May 7 -- Northern United Way tour ventured through Smithers today
May 7 -- Bulkley River upgraded to flood watch
May 7 -- Burns Lake, Houston and Smithers under flood watch for Bulkley River
May 7 -- Option to avoid sidewalks to nowhere
May 4 -- Colleymount Road Repairs, Ootsa Nadina Road update
May 4 -- Northwest Trade Expo kicks off today in Smithers
May 4 -- New Buses for Smithers to Prince George Service (video)
May 4 -- New Larger buses serving Smithers-Burns Lake-Prince George routes
May 4 -- Workers build detour around washed-out road
May 4 -- Complexities of Smithers homelessness brought to Province
May 4 -- Seven bears removed from Smithers trails
May 3 -- Bigger buses added on route between Smithers and Prince George
May 3 -- Smithers Annual Water Flushing program
May 3 -- Still potential for flooding along Bulkley River
May 3 -- Three new buses connecting Burns Lake, Smithers and Prince George
May 3 -- "Small Business Task Force will certainly help a thriving Bulkley Valley" Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology Bruce Ralston
May 3 -- BC Transit introduces larger buses on Highway 16
May 2 -- BC Transit Announcement for the Bulkley Valley
May 1 -- High streamflow advisory for Bulkley River
May 1 -- Bulkley Sweepers
May 1 -- Ootsa Nadina Road Closure
May 1 -- High Streamflow Advisory for Bulkley River and Buck Creek


April 30 -- Telkwa Recycling audit
April 30 -- High streamflow advisory issued for Bulkley River and Buck Creek
April 30 -- NWCC student housing delayed
April 29 -- Smithers rally supports resource jobs and pipeline
April 27 -- Expansion of connect program to Smithers links job-seekers with employers
April 27 -- Public advised to prepare for flood risk
April 27 -- Bulkley Valley Flood Season
April 27 -- Smithers storefront spruce up program
April 27 -- Bulkley-Nechako residents warned of possible flooding 
April 27 -- Bulkley forestry audit finds safety issues
April 26 -- Wet'suewet'en constitution youth committee
April 26 -- Fire preparedness in the Bulkley Valley
April 26 -- Big tax breaks proposed
April 25 -- Smithers Secondary youth action group tackling use of plastic bags
April 25 -- "Keeping those dollars local" Mayor Bachrach on awarding MTR utility maintenance with project
April 24 -- "Definitely money well spent;" Councillor Brienesse on Smiethers moving forward with Transit Grant
April 24 -- Tradition with a twist set for downtown Smithers
April 24 -- Pro Kinder Morgan Rally Held in Smithers
April 24 -- "The issue lies with the weather conditions:" Contractor on Bulkley Valley Potholes
April 24 -- Town Council Preview: Tuesday April 24
April 23 -- Students want Smithers to take on plastic bag problem
April 23 -- Homelessness Survey in Smithers
April 22 -- Rural recycle depot opens
April 21 -- Telkwa Marijuana Facility making major progress
April 20 -- Trail closure near Smithers due to High Bear activity
April 20 -- Bear activity closes Perimeter Trail sections
April 20 -- Bear activity forces trail closure in Smithers
April 20 -- Calgary cannabis company updates Telkwa project
April 20 -- Telkwa Caribou herd location
April 20 -- 'We recognized affordability was an issue" Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
April 19 -- "A significant upgrade" Smithers Fire Chief Keith Stecko
April 19 -- Weather delay for supportive housing
April 19 -- Telkwa Marijuana Cultivation Facility construction (video)
April 18 -- Smithers-Telkwa transfer station recycling
April 18 -- Smithers road upgrades are on the way
April 18 -- Smithers budget 2018
April 16 -- Smithers Airport update
April 16 -- Maple Leaf Green World aims for summer operation
April 15 -- Smithers college housing approved
April 12 --  April snow could bring May floods
April 12 -- Winter road maintenance standards boosted
April 12 -- Smithers gets active transportation money
April 11 -- It's a breath of fresh air: RBA Chair Bill Miller
April 11 -- We want a vibrant downtown: Mayor Bachrach
April 10 -- North-West BC deserves to benefit from hard work: John Horgan
April 10 -- BVL disaster relief
April 10 -- Smithers Annual Budget meeting
April 9 -- No progress in bid to replace departing Greyhound Service
April 9 -- Houston may host bitcoin farm
April 6 -- Greyhound freight delivery to continue
April 5 -- Province has no plan to replace Greyhound in Northern B.C.
April 5 -- Smithers a Tough Rental market: Realtor
April 4 -- New Smithers homeless count
April 2 -- Smithers Homelessness to be counted by province this month


March 30 -- Smithers Survey ends today on Main Street Landscape project
March 29 -- RDBN trying to pick up recycling pieces
March 28 -- Smithers survey ends soon on Main Street Landscape project
March 27 -- Survey on downtown landscape redesign underway
March 26 -- Telkwa Coal founder is moving to town
March 20 -- Telkwa to replace Community Hall roof
March 20 -- Smithers pellet plant to move forward
March 19 -- Dike along Telkwa River being repaired
March 17 -- Smithers pellet plant ready to build
March 17 -- Telkwa gets $3.6 million water funding
March 15 -- BC Hydro to replace aging Hydro poles across northern BC
March 14 -- The big melt
March 13 -- Child Development Centre gets $300,000
March 12 -- Smithers advises residents to prepare for spring melt
March 9 -- Telkwa granted $3.6M for Trobak Hill Water Tower Project
March 9 -- Two Mile gets $4.9 million water upgrade 
March 9 -- Village of Telkwa to build $3.6 million federally backed reservoir
March 7 -- Air Quality advisory ended for Smithers
March 7 -- Air Quality Advisory ends
March 7 -- Air Quality advisory in Smithers ended
March 6 -- Air quality advisory issued for Smithers
March 6 -- Air Quality advisory in effect for Bulkley Valley and the Lakes
March 5 -- Light Agenda on Tap for Smithers Committee of the Whole Meeting
March 5 -- Home Hardware owner on new building, traffic, apartment
March 3 -- Province spreads grant money around Northwest for range of projects and studies  NCR
March 2 -- Opportunity seen to improve Highway 16 transit after Greyhound leaves
March 2 -- Telkwa hopes to repair dike before spring


February 28 -- Pair of Bulkley Valley projects to receive funding form BC's Rural Dividend Program
February 27 -- Town Council Preview: February 27th
February 23 -- The wheels on the Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan rolling for a year now
February 23 -- Airport art reports ordered
February 22 -- Child development centre gets federal grant
February 16 -- Recycle BC leaving BVRD out on the curb
February 15 -- Recycle BC trashing contract with Bulkley Valley Bottle Depot
February 14 -- Sidewalk development wording approved by Council
February 13 -- Coastal GasLink responds to RDBN concerns
February 13 -- Air Quality advisories for Regional District of Bulkely-Nechako now over
February 11 -- Air Advisory in effect for Smithers
February 11 -- Snow storm swallows Smithers and surrounding area
February 11 -- Highway 16 Transportation action plan helping Northern BC residents
February 11 -- Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre denied provincial and federal funding
February 8 -- Northern B.C. residents warned heavy snow could damage older homes
February 8 -- RDBN concerned over excessive snow on old roof-tops
February 8 -- Smithers stressing to stay off snow-covered roofs
February 7 -- New transit provider scheduling interviews
February 2 -- Northerners benefitting from expanded Transit Service along Highway 16
February 2 -- Telkwa council considers customs, clubs, conventions and conserving the ice
February 2 -- Province releases ridership snapshot of Highway 16 shuttle service
February 2 -- 5,000 people have used Highway of Tears buses in first year of service
February 2 -- Highway 16 Shuttle update (video)
February 1 -- Smithers wins back-to-back Paperweight awards


January 30 -- Telkwa Mayor not seeking re-election
January 30 -- Telkwa Mayor on why he's not seeking a second term
January 29 -- Local leaders give state of the valley address
January 29 -- Smithers adds money to wood stove exchange program
January 25 -- Telkwa mayor in car crash
January 24 -- BC Stats numbers for 2017 show continued population decline for Prince Rupert, Northwest  NCR
January 24 -- Council hoping to enhance landscape of town with re-greening program
January 24 -- Council making Emergency Response a number one priority
January 24 -- Visitor numbers up for Smithers in 2017
January 24 -- Tax exemption proposed to encourage downtown mixed use
January 24 -- New Tourism Smithers Society formed
January 23 -- Town Council preview
January 22 -- Telkwa's first budget meeting of 2018
January 21 -- 'They're not homeless, Smithers is their home. They're houseless'
January 18 -- Telkwa mayor will not seek reelection
January 17 -- Northwest economy remains uncertain
January 17 -- Relationship between Selenium, Telkwa coal mine project discussed at local public meeting
January 17 -- Bulkley residents talk poverty reduction
January 16 -- 'Tourism Smithers Society' new name for the town's marketing initiative
January 16 -- Telkwa Mayor 'disappointed' by Senior Society's letter
January 15 -- Smithers Airport expansion project on schedule
January 15 -- Bulkley Valley Highway Service area up for contract renewal
January 15 -- Sik-e-dakh holding nomination meeting
January 12 -- Pioneer Park sidewalk to be replaced
January 12 -- Town Council temporarily bans issuing marijuana licences
January 12 -- The Town of Smithers will receive a prize of a bend made out of recycled plastic
January 11 -- Town of Smithers joins seven other communities across province working on addressing homelessness
January 11 -- Smithers Look Ahead for 2018 (video)
January 10 -- Supportive housing units coming to Smithers
January 10 -- Smithers supportive housing closer to reality
January 10 -- More info shared on Smithers co-housing development
January 10 -- Smithers Town Council moving forward with Housing Project at Queen and Railway
January 10 -- Smithers wins recycling competition
January 10 -- Smithers wins recycling competition
January 9 -- Supportive Housing Project Open House Recap
January 9 -- Town Council Preview: BC Housing Public Hearing, Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
January 8 -- Smithers Supportive Housing Project Open House is tonight
January 5 -- Bulkley Valley Museum back room project continues
January 4 -- Northwest bus service gets a new operator
January 4 -- Smithers' partnering for healthier communities committee to co-host to open house
January 4 -- Majority of assessment notices show slight increase in northern BC
January 3 -- Smithers co-housing group buys land
January 3 -- The cost of living in the North
January 3 -- 3896 Railway Supportive Housing project Open House
January 2 -- What's your home worth?

Areas outside of Smithers

Burns Lake

December 13 -- Biking among traditional outdoor sport draws for Burns Lake poll shows
December 12 -- Curling rink to resume operations after brief closure
December 12 -- RDBN wants flexibility with additional dwellings on farmland
December 12 -- Burns Lake on list of top 20 Most Miserable Winters in Canada
December 7 -- Burns Lake speaks out on violence against women
December 5 -- Burns Lake becomes key hub in region's mountain biking
December 5 -- New Special prosecutor announced in Strimbold case
December 4 -- New Special prosecutor assigned to oversee former Burns Lake mayor's case
December 3 -- Luke Strimbold case postponed again

November 28 -- Village of Burns Lake being proactive
November 26 -- RDBN wants flexibility with additional dwellings on farmland
November 23 -- Burns Lake's EV charge station used only 20 times since 2013
November 13 -- Run tap water to get rid of brown colour, Village says
November 10 -- Aid drives come to rescue of Grassy Plains Store fire victims
November 9 -- Air quality advisory and burning restrictions issued for Burns Lake
November 9 -- Burns Lake, Communities to the east under air quality advisory
November 8 -- Fundraisers launched after fire claims Grassy Plains Store
November 8 -- Grassy Plains Store Fire
November 8 -- Fire Destroys Grassy Plains Country Store
November 7 -- Fire destroys Grassy Plains store
November 7 -- New Village Council sworn in, holds first meeting
November 7 -- Yes side wins in arts and culture service bylaw referendum
November 7 -- Grassy Plains Country store is on fire

October 24 -- Work is underway to rehabilitate fire guards south of Burns Lake
October 24 -- Burns Lake community raises fund
October 24 -- Natural gas supplies for Burns Lake stable after pipeline fire
October 24 -- All well and good
October 24 -- Lakes District Maintenance donates
October 24 -- Burns Lake community support resisted wildfires
October 20 -- Burns Lake Election results
October 20 -- Dolores Funk elected Mayor of Burns Lake
October 20 -- Dolores Funk wins Burns Lake mayoral election
October 20 -- Municipal and School Board election results 2018
October 17 -- I regret evacuating: Burns Lake area resident
October 17 -- Lake Babine nation builds affordable rental units
October 17 -- Burns Lake candidates share their platforms
October 17 -- Air Quality advisories for Burns Lake and Vanderhoof
October 10 -- Mayoral candidates debate in Burns Lake
October 3 -- Upgrades to Pioneer Park, sidewalks and lift station postponed
October 3 -- UBCM endorses two Burns Lake resolutions
October 2 -- Former Burns Lake mayor Luke Strimbold given new bail conditions
October 2 -- Disturbing details emerge in former Burns Lake mayor's sexual assault trial
October 1 -- Judge increases bail conditions for former Burns Lake Mayor

September 26 -- Spruce Kings game in Burns Lake postponed until next year
September 21 -- Two Burns Lake candidates pull out of election
September 19 -- Mayoral races in the northwest begin to take shape
September 19 -- Burns Lake library functioning normally: board
September 19 -- Decision on Burns Lake's workforce camp 'pending very soon': Coastal GasLink
September 18 -- Burns Lake Municipal election
September 17 -- Food Bank collection in Burs Lake in the aftermath of the Wildfires
September 14 -- Four candidates hope to become Burns Lake's next mayor
September 12 -- Burns Lake councillor defends residents who ignored evacuation orders
September 12 -- Feds should support local fire response: Cullen
September 7 -- "The community is still very much in an active state of emergency": Burns Lake, Council
September 6 -- More southside residents allowed to go home
September 5 -- New Lakes District Highway contract in place
September 5 -- Six Straight weeks of smoky skies
September 5 -- First Municipal election season under new spending rules kicks off
September 5 -- RDBN rescinds evacuation alerts for two wildfires
September 5 -- Premier Horgan makes it to Burns Lake
September 5 -- Village seeks funding for water treatment plant
September 5 -- Director of Area B (Burns Lake rural) not seeking re-election
September 5 -- Burns Lake Public Library hires new employees following resignations
September 5 -- A fund to support local communities impacted by wildfires
September 5 -- Burns Lake mayor talks about his role in wildfire situation
September 4 -- Province picks Lakes District Road Maintenance Contractor
September 4 -- Lakes highway contract (video)

August notes related Regional wildfires can be found here

August 31 -- Premier John Horgan to visit Burns Lake this afternoon
August 30 -- Burns Lakers hold protest, don't want Alberta truckers to leave
August 30 -- Village wants province to shoulder wildfire prevention costs
August 29 -- Wilf Adam meets up with Trudeau
August 27 -- Smithers Regional Airport unveils new departure lounge
August 27 -- Angry residents protest as Trucks turned away from Lakes District Fires
August 25 -- Southside residents protest the pullout of specialized firefighting gear
August 22 -- Village wants province to shoulder wildfire prevention costs
August 22 -- Mayor defends water towner tree planting
August 22 -- Library staff resignations prompt call for probe
August 22 -- Wildfire information meeting held
August 21 -- Evacuation struggles during the wildfires (video)
August 19 -- Burns Lake Band Opens doors to evacuees, firefighters
August 18 -- Police patrol for looters in evacuated areas south of Burns Lake
August 17 -- Burns Lake Mayor wonders why emergency declaration took so long
August 17 -- Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako hosts 150 people at wildfire meeting
August 16 -- Burns Lake Mayor on Forest Fires (video)
August 15 -- Bioagents released in the Burns Lake area
August 15 -- New flag chosen for Burns Lake
August 15 -- Burns Lake councillor encourages locals to open their homes to evacuees
August 14 -- Did the province act quickly enough to stop wildfires in northern BC? (audio)
August 9 -- Luke Strimbold faces additional sex-related charges
August 9 -- Burns Lake's safety task force committee disbanded
August 9 -- Former Burns Lake mayor faces 10 new sex related charges
August 9 -- Former Burns Lake Mayor Luke Strimbold faces new sex-related charges
August 8 -- TransCanada consults with Burns Lake residents
August 8 -- Access to medical specialists a concern: Burns Lake council
August 2 -- Burns Lake Mayor Chris Beach will not seek re-election in the fall
August 2 -- Water sprinkler restrictions for Smithers
August 1 -- Burns Lake council to discuss ACC determination with province
August 1 -- Burns Lake at significant risk of wildfire
August 1 -- Burns Lake to have a new flag design
August 1 -- Burns Lake's food bank builds Community Kitchen Garden
August 1 -- Southside road repaired

July 31 -- Burns Lake Makes the History books
July 27 -- Witset's Kyah RV Park officially opens
July 25 -- Medevac landings an issue in Burns Lake
July 25 -- Fire training facility close to completion
July 11 -- Election time for Nee Tahi Buhn
July 4 -- Burns Lake council raises concern over zebra and quagga mussels
July 3 -- Burns Lake Councillor disagrees with village's communication process

June 27 -- Village payroll drops from 2016 to 2017
June 27 -- Improvements coming to Wistaria Hall
June 27 -- Former mayor back in court July 19
June 20 -- Better dangerous goods response wanted
June 20 -- Village payroll to determine size of new health tax
June 13 -- No restrictions on Red Johnson Trail use
June 6 -- Replacement fire engine on hold for Southside
June 1 -- Starland receives waiver to speed up development

May 31 -- Resident wants government to back boat-launch facility
May 29 -- Library, Museum benefit from RDBN tax hike
May 27 -- Northern municipalities support library funding
May 23 -- May mayhem for Burns Lake Fire Department
May 23 -- Who's responsible for fixing potholes in Burns Lake?
May 22 -- No referendum on Eighth Avenue
May 22 -- What is the role of the regional district during floods?
May 22 -- Southside fire department lacks funds: Chief
May 22 -- Former Mayor's court proceedings delayed
May 22 -- Council Briefs
May 20 -- Council calls for stakeholders meeting on college
May 18 -- Flood warning maintained for long weekend
May 17 -- "An Awful roar'
May 16 -- Strimbold Trial Pushed Back until June
May 16 -- Residents resort to footbridge
May 16 -- Burns Lake museum receives Olympic artifacts
May 16 -- Employer Health tax may strain local governments
May 15 -- Lake Babine Nation supports youth in Burns Lake area
May 15 -- Former Burns Lake Mayor's Trial pushed a second time
May 15 -- Former Burns Lake mayor trial pushed back with more accusers
May 10 -- Burns Lake police to implement 'red zone'
May 9 -- Landowner counters critics of proposed work camp
May 9 -- Burns Lake residents voice highway frustrations
May 8 -- Malfunction on ferry causes two-hour delay
May 7 -- Flood watch and high streamflow advisories for Burns Lake
May 7 -- Planned workers' camp draws ire of Tchesinkut Lake residents
May 7 -- Government 'not considering' extended ferry service
May 7 -- Gerow Island Road flooded
May 4 -- New Larger buses serving Smithers-Burns Lake-Prince George routes
May 3 -- Lakes District Museum adds Olympic Memorabilia
May 3 -- Beach unsure about 2018 re-election bid
May 3 -- Council briefs
May 2 -- Burns Lake Council debates debt
May 1 -- Task force aiming to tackle housing crunch

April 30 -- High Water affecting Lakes District Roads
April 30 -- Wash out Near Burns Lake
April 27 -- Floodwater destroys Southside road
April 27 -- Hot weather leads to overflows at Saul Creek
April 26 -- Burns Lake, Houston dust advisory
April 26 -- Province gives $300K to Resource Benefits Alliance
April 25 -- Road dust, poor air quality persist
April 25 -- Taxes: Residential rate up, business rate down
April 25 -- Snowy winter meant high costs: LDM
April 25 -- Burns Lake, Houston Dust Advisory
April 24 -- Burns Lake Dust Advisory
April 24 -- Sudden heatwave could trigger flooding in Lakes District
April 24 -- Dust advisories for Burns Lake/Houston
April 23 -- Burns Lake by-election by the numbers
April 22 -- Ferry campaign gathers steam
April 20 -- Water issues in Burns Lake
April 18 -- Burns Lake to scrap fireworks ban
April 18 -- Dust Advisory over for Burns Lake, continues in Houston
April 18 -- Road Dust Advisory in Place for Burns Lake and Houston
April 17 -- Dust Advisory issued for Burns Lake, Houston
April 16 -- Campaign for extended ferry service sailing on
April 13 -- Filling in the cracks on Eighth Avenue
April 11 -- Early ice gets thumbs-up from Burns Lake Council
April 11 -- RDBN planning pot bylaws
April 11 -- RDBN directors mull pay hike
April 6 -- Burns Lake road dust advisory ended
April 6 -- Luke Strimbold Court Date Announced (video)
April 6 -- Strimblod trial moved to Smithers
April 5 -- Road dust advisory for Burns Lake
April 4 -- Hundreds of people in the Lakes District are struggling with poverty: community workers
April 4 -- Burns Lake Council raises pay
April 3 -- Tax levy to increase by 3.3 percent
April 3 -- New fire truck for Burns Lake

March 29 -- Burns Lake Under Air Quality Advisory for High Quantities of Road dust
March 28 -- Burns Lake bylaw clears way for medical pot facility
March 21 -- Gas tax fund helps Fraser Lake
March 21 -- Gransilse gets federal funding of $5.3 million
March 16 -- Carrier Sekani Tribal Council mourns the loss of esteemed Dakelh
March 15 -- First Nations leadership 'icon' Justa Monk dead at 75
March 14 -- Pot proposal lights up passion
March 8 -- Former Mayor facing sex charges involving minors during time in office
March 8 -- Special Prosecutor to investigate Sexual Assault Charges Agains Strimbold
March 7 -- Special Prosecutor appointed to Strimbold case
March 7 -- Plan project would result in a complete of eighth avenue
March 7 -- Special prosecutor appointed in  Burns Lake mayor sex assault case
March 7 -- Special Prosecutor appointed in Luke Strimbold case
March 6 -- Lake Babine Nation disappointed over sexual assault charges against former Mayor
March 5 -- Burns Lake in shock after news of charges against former mayor
March 5 -- Burns Lake reeling after allegations of sexual assault against former mayor
March 5 -- Burns Lake residents in shock: 'Nobody knows what to say, nobody knows what to think'
March 4 -- 'Shocked, confused, hurt': B.C. village seeks answers as political star charged with sexual assault of minors
March 2 -- Former Burns Lake Mayor Luke Strimbold faces Sex-Related Charges
March 2 -- Former Burns Lake mayor facing 24 sex-related charges
March 2 -- Former Burns Lake mayor resigns from B.C. Liberal executive after multiple sex-related charges

February 21 -- Village renews emergency aid agreement with Fraser Lake
February 21 -- Petition underway to extend Francois ferry hours
February 14 -- Burns Lake Fire Department donates equipment
February 14 -- No solutions for Burns Lake yet after UBCM discussions
February 14 -- Petition asks Skin Tyee First Nation's chief to resign
February 14 -- Burns Lake Public Library seeks more funding
February 7 -- Grant funding needed for Eighth Avenue in Burns Lake
February 7 -- Burns Lake Industrial Site services a possibility
February 6 -- Relationship protocol between First Nations and local governments in the works
February 6 -- Burns Lake prepares for pot legalization
February 6 -- Coastal GasLink responds to Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako concerns
February 5 -- Services agreement between Village of Burns Lake and Lake Babine Nation extended
February 5 -- Ridership high on BC Transit buses in northern BC
February 2 -- 5,000 people have used Highway of Tears buses in first year of service

January 31 -- Ammonia level not a concern: village
January 30 -- Kager Lake to Burns Lake trail a possibility
January 24 -- College of New Caledonia shares success story with Burns Lake Council
January 24 -- 'Exciting' new projects at Lake Babine Nation
January 23 -- Safety task force committee chosen in Burns Lake
January 22 -- Burns Lake Fire Department currently recruiting
January 21 -- Charlie Rensby wins council seat in Burns Lake
January 18 -- Burns Lake By-election set for Saturday
January 15 -- Burns Lake Council takes action on housing issue
January 15 -- Burns Lake supports Nechako watershed
January 12 -- Pioneer Park sidewalk to be replaced
January 11 -- Burns Lake residents cast their vote
January 10 -- Burns Lake byelection candidates debate
January 4 -- Burns Lake By-election candidates forum is tonight
January 3 -- Burns Lake updating unsightly bylaw


December 12 -- Houston residents raise concerns over 'dangerous' street corner
December 12 -- Council seeks to replace By-Mac Park's boat launch

November 28 -- Houston needs to replace one of its wells: District
November 21 -- Regional District of Bulkley Nechako gets new board
November 21 -- Houston area recognized for its beauty
November 21 -- Houston parents to pay $10 a day for daycare
November 15 -- Houston Air Advisory Lifted
November 14 -- Houston's new elected council sworn in
November 14 -- Houston experiencing dense dust levels as air advisory takes effect
November 7 -- Drought conditions in Houston still at the highest level
November 7 -- Houston council members share top priorities or first 100 days
November 6 -- An Affordable solution for a town without accessible transit

October 31 -- 'Extremely dry' drought level in Houston region
October 31 -- Houston's Ice arena to reopen November 3
October 24 -- District moves forward with cannabis regulations
October 24 -- Chamber selected to organize Houston's Light U event
October 24 -- Updates to Houston's ice arena
October 21 -- Three incumbent councillors re-elected in Houston
October 20 -- Municipal and School Board election results 2018
October 17 -- Houston aims to improve emergency response
October 10 -- Houston candidates share top priorities
October 10 -- Houston Community Hall holds an all Candidates meeting
October 10 -- District of Houston aims to reopen ice arena by October 29
October 3 -- Houston residents weigh in on downtown revitalization
October 3 -- Houston offers 'outstanding support" to Tour de North riders

September 26 -- Houston Search and Rescue's command centre completed
September 26 -- Too soon to measure what was achieved at UBCM: Houston mayor
September 26 -- Northern BC needs faster response to wildfires: regional district chair
September 26 -- Cellphone coverage to improve in Houston
September 21 -- Houston Arena delayed in opening this season
September 19 -- Mayoral races in the northwest begin to take shape
September 19 -- District of Houston municipal election
September 19 -- Houston seeks to beautify portion of highway boulevard
September 19 -- Still unclear if Houston will benefit from new opioids crisis funding
September 14 -- No competition for Houston's mayoral candidate
September 12 -- Houston rural director seeks re-election
September 6 -- Mama bear and four Cubs euthanized in Houston
September 5 -- Houston SAR seeks funding for snowmobiles for a third year
September 5 -- First Municipal election season under new spending rules kicks off
September 5 -- RDBN rescinds evacuation alerts for two wildfires
September 5 -- District of Houston denies request to open Four Seasons Park to host displaced animals
September 5 -- Four Rivers Co-op to provide up to $100,000 to community groups
September 5 -- District of Houston seeks public's input on downtown revitalization plan
September 5 -- Director of Area B (Burns Lake rural) not seeking re-election

August notes related Regional wildfires can be found here

August 29 -- Houston seeks support to expand Dungate Community Forest
August 29 -- District of Houston to close aquatic centre sporadically
August 21 -- Houston Mayor says District keeping a close eye on Verdun-Nadina Wildfire
August 21 -- How can Houston help?
August 17 -- District of Houston not opening evacuee reception centre
August 15 -- Houston council increases their remuneration starting next year
August 15 -- Houston council supports 'multi-species approach' to protect caribou
August 8 -- Houston to ask B.C. for support in reopening college
August 8 -- BC Bus North ridership rising
August 1 -- Houston residents gear up for Tour de North
August 1 -- Houston seeks funding to complete projects

July 25 -- Influx of used needles in Houston a topic at UBCM
July 25 -- Improving internet connectivity in rural Houston
July 19 -- Houston's Pleasant Valley Plaza to host information session about bitcoin
July 19 -- Houston prepares for projected growth
July 19 -- Work 'well underway' for shared revenue in Northwest BC
July 11 -- Houston council cancels boat launch project
July 11 -- More construction in Houston
July 11 -- Downtown beautification plan moves forward
July 4 -- Houston not spared from fuel shortages
July 4 -- District of Houston staff to analyze council's remuneration
July 4 -- Houston Curling club seeks partnership to operate curling rink

June 27 -- Houston's Four Seasons park field to be rehabilitated
June 13 -- Houston places moratorium on pot businesses
June 13 -- Rail concerns in northern B.C. gain support
June 6 -- Houston gains new bus service

May 30 -- Bitcoin farm in Houston one step closer to reality
May 23 -- Filling potholes in Houston
May 23 -- Houston dogs cause trouble in April
May 23 -- Houston floodwaters recede
May 23 -- Houston formalizes council-staff interactions
May 17 -- Bulkley Valley tourist industry adjusts to salmon closure
May 16 -- Houston beautifying to attract residents
May 16 -- Houston working around the clock to address flooding
May 16 -- Employer Health Tax may strain local governments
May 16 -- Bulkley River Still High in Smithers, but Dropping in Houston
May 16 -- A public reminder about fires in the Bulkley Valley
May 15 -- Bulkley River dropping near Houston, Still climbing near Smithers
May 10 -- Bulkley River Flood warning
May 9 -- Water on the rise in Houston
May 9 -- Houston still seeking task force members
May 2 -- Minerals Rocks exhibit at the Houston Legion
May 2 -- Minerals North brings optimism to Houston

April 30 -- Flood watch advisory issued for Houston area
April 27 -- Gordon Campbell speaks in Houston
April 27 -- Former BC Premier Gordon Campbell at Minerals North conference (video)
April 27 -- Gordon Campbell headlines Minerals North
April 26 -- Burns Lake, Houston dust advisory
April 25 -- Snowy winter meant high costs: LDM
April 25 -- 30th Annual Minerals North is Underway
April 25 -- Road dust, poor air quality persist
April 25 -- Preview of the Minerals North conference (video)
April 25 -- Burns Lake, Houston Dust Advisory
April 24 -- Burns Lake Dust Advisory
April 24 -- Dust advisories for Burns Lake/Houston
April 24 -- Houston Road Dust Advisory
April 19 -- High fire danger days expected to increase in Houston
April 19 -- Houston Fire Department working harder
April 18 -- Dust Advisory over for Burns Lake, continues in Houston
April 18 -- Road Dust Advisory in Place for Burns Lake and Houston
April 12 -- Getting rolling with pot legalization
April 11 -- Houston appoints new officers
April 9 -- Houston may host bitcoin farm
April 4 -- Houston adopts parks plan
April 4 -- Water and sewer connection fees to make deeper dent

March 28 -- District of Houston committee distributes $14,000
March 28 -- Houston program buys programs
March 27 -- Houston council to tackle pot sales strategy
March 27 -- CityWest is looking at expanding program in Houston
March 21 -- B.C.'s rural development strategy must take regional into account
March 21 -- Houston stove swap to cut combustion, save cash
March 27 -- Minerals North to draw hundreds

March 7 -- Summary of complaints and contraventions in Houston

February 21 -- Regional District to provide building inspector
February 14 -- Proposed work camp south of Houston
February 13 -- Bulkley Valley mountain goat survey
February 6 -- Relationship protocol between First Nations and local governments in the works

January 31 -- Houston seeks funding to determine emergency response capacity
January 31 -- Council waive their own pay increase
January 24 -- Harm reduction committee set up in Houston
January 24 -- Houston asked to cover recreation pass costs
January 3 -- Houston in red zone of air quality standards
January 3 -- Status of steam room, pool water colour, and grates



October 22 -- After a 42 year reign, Hazelton has a new Mayor
October 22 -- Maitland defeated after 42 year run as Mayor of Hazelton
October 20 -- Hazelton picks new mayor
October 20 -- Municipal and School Board election results 2018
October 21 -- Hazelton Mayor Alice Maitland Defeated by Dennis Sterritt
October 21 -- Gail Lowry re-elected mayor of New Hazelton
October 21 -- Alice Maitland's 42 year reign as Hazelton Mayor ends
October 21 -- Hazelton Mayor Alice Maitland Defeated by Dennis Sterritt
October 18 -- Hazelton election: Alice Maitland
October 18 -- Hazelton election: Buddy Smith
October 18 -- Hazelton election: Suzanna Lemky
October 18 -- Hazelton election: Julie Maitland
October 18 -- Hazelton election: Jody Tetreau
October 18 -- Hazelton election: Dennis Sterritt
October 18 -- Kitimat-Stikine Area B election: Dean Paranich
October 18 -- Kitimat-Stikine Area B election: Linda Pierre
October 16 -- New Hazelton election: Gail Lowry


September 21 -- District of New Hazelton municipal election
September 20 -- Walk a mile  ... in Hazelton (video)
September 20 -- Hazelton area men invited to "Walk a Mile in her shoes'
September 20 -- Hazelton Municipal election
September 19 -- Mayoral races in the northwest begin to take shape
September 7 -- 14 northern BC mayors 'disappointed' at LNG pipeline challenge
September 7 -- New B.C. Party looks to represent rural voters in next election
September 6 -- New provincial political party to focus on rural British Columbia
September 6 -- Northern Mayors pen letter over challenge of LNG project
September 5 -- RDBN rescinds evacuation alerts for two wildfires


August notes related Regional wildfires can be found here


July 20 -- Upper-Skeena Rec Centre looks to hire local employees
July 16 -- Hazelton Recreation Centre (video)
July 16 -- Babych impressed with Hazelton Rec Centre project
July 13 -- Hazelton Arena tours (video)


June 28 -- Upper Skeena Rec Centre could be biomass heated
June 15 -- Doug Donaldson visits upper Skeena Rec Centre
June 15 -- Work continues on Hazelton's recreation centre (video)
June 12 -- Update on Upper Skeena Recreation Centre
June 8 -- New Hazelton's community hall gets grant


May 28 -- Hazelton to get new community centre
May 24 -- Taxes up in Village of Hazelton, stay same in New Hazelton


April 2 -- Hazelton Boards New Bus Operator

Other communities

December 12 -- Cell coverage for Christmas
December 9 -- Wet'suwt'en and RCMP working to end racial profiling
December 7 -- Gitxsan banning all recreational fishing for 2019
December 6 -- Gitxsan Government announces recreational closure of Skeena River for 2019 season
December 6 -- Gitxsan forming cross-sector salmon management team
December 5 -- Campaign to preserve 19th Century church
December 1 -- Witset creates development corporation

November 30 -- CIBC to close its branch in Fraser Lake next year
November 30 -- Witset low income apartment funding
November 29 -- Why are banks shutting their rural branches and what does it mean for the communities they leave behind? (audio)
November 28 -- 'We don't matter in their eyes:' Fraser Lake Mayor on Bank Closure
November 15 -- Smithers celebrates grand opening of new Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre
November 9 -- Restoration complete on St. Luke's heritage church on Francois Lake
November 7 -- Cheslatta Nation builds new log cabin home for Nutter family

October 31 -- First of its kind in Canada: Wet'suwet'en work towards full jurisdiction of child and family services
October 29 -- New Rogers Witset Cell Tower Project Moves Forward
October 26 -- New Cell Tower brings increased connectivity to Witset area
October 16 -- New cell service coming to Highway of tears
October 24 -- Community Forum to develop Witset's Tourism
October 23 -- Movie night fundraiser for Witset Community programs
October 20 -- Municipal and School Board election results 2018
October 5 -- Fraser Lake being featured on National TV
October 3 -- Funeral held to honour life of Chief Wah Tah K'eght
October 3 -- Granisle mayor running unopposed for re-election

September 24 -- Village of Granisle Municipal election
September 5 -- First Municipal election season under new spending rules kicks off

August notes related Regional wildfires can be found here

August 28 -- Tempers run hot as trust between B.C.'s wildfire service and residents affected breaks down (audio)
August 25 -- Southside residents protest the pullout of specialized firefighting gear
August 22 -- Supplies on way to Francois Lake South side residents (video)
August 22 -- Chief Leween disappointed by premier not landing in Burns Lake
August 21 -- Some residents south of  Burns Lake refuse to evacuate
August 21 -- Evacuation struggles during the wildfires (video)
August 9 -- Gitxsan government opposes all fishing permits issued for Skeena River
August 8 -- Gitxsan hereditary chiefs oppose DFO recreational fishing decision
August 1 -- Witset low on water
August 2 -- Concern grows over Witset (Moricetown) water supply
August 2 -- Witset Water issues (video)
August 1 -- Witset's Kyah RV Park and Campground ready for visitors
August 1 -- Witset Asking residents to reduce water consumption 
August 1 -- Lake Babine Nation holds byelection

July 27 -- Witset's Kyah RV park officially opens
July 27 -- Witset celebrates Grand Opening of Renovated RV Park and Campground
July 27 -- Critical water situation in Witset
July 27 -- Witset's water supply issues (video)
July 26 -- Witset Kyah RV park grand re-opening tomorrow
July 26 -- Witset votes to keep agreement for Coastal GasLink pipeline
July 26 -- Witset RV Park Grand re-opening (video)
July 26 -- Witset RV Park set for Grand Re-opening
July 20 -- Witset water system overloaded by sediment
July 20 -- Lake Babine Nation councillor resigns before being sworn in
July 18 -- Witset temporarily shuts down operations at the Water Treatment plant
July 18 -- Witset shuts down operations at water treatment plant
July 15 -- Gitanmaax Band elects new chief
July 12 -- Smithers goes ahead with letter of support for Witset

June 28 -- Gordon Alec is Lake Babine Nation's new chief
June 27 -- Lake Babine Nation to acquire fishing lodge
June 27 -- Lake Babine Nation picks a new chief in latest election
June 20 -- Wilf Adam pursues fourth term as Lake Babine Nation chief councillor
June 20 -- Crowded field for Lake Babine elections
June 14 -- Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs ban recreational fishing on their territory

May 30 -- Topley's new fire hall close to completion
May 14 -- Upgrade for highway to Granisle
May 9 -- Upgrade planned for Highway 118
May 9 -- Stellat'en Nation comes to new forestry agreement
May 4 -- Moricetown to Witset Celebration taking place May 5

April 23 -- Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs appeal court ruling
April 20 -- Cheslatta Carrier Nation hold fair
April 20 -- Journey to Cultural reconnection
April 13 -- Witset: First or Before anyone
April 13 -- We are Witset -- Village Celebration planned
April 13 -- Witset First Nation holding event to celebrate name change

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