Friday, November 8, 2013

Port Edward backgrounders

With more and more items of interest on the North Coast coming out of Port Edward these days,  it's time to create a separate archive of items of note. So today we created our Port Ed Backgrounder page, highlighting development and municipal government items in the District.

You can find it's permanent home in our Municipal and Regional Government section of our North Coast Review Backgrounders banner on the right hand side.


December 11-- Port Edward wants to ban ex-convicts from living in their community
December 11-- Port Edward increasing pay for mayor, councillors as interest in industrial development grows
December 4-- Keep criminals in the cities, says Port Edward Council
December 4-- Breaking News: Politicians refuse perks

November 27-- Port Edward council 'comfortable' with LNG terminals following Malaysia trip
November 21-- Port Edward Mayor reflects on Malaysia trip
November 13-- Port Edward to fight for postal service
November 13-- Port Edward councillors to have a say in temporary zoning permits
November 13-- Boomtown Port Edward?
November 6-- Development interest high in Port Edward
November 5-- Port Edward spending highlighted in CFIB municipal survey  NCR

October 25-- Port Edward preparing for international travel
October 24-- Prince Rupert and Port Edward Seek new Economic Development Officer
October 23-- Prince Rupert/Port Edward Economic Officer to shift to new challenges in private sector NCR
October 20-- Prince Rupert and Port Edward economic development officer stepping down
October 16-- Port Edward Councillor wants pit bulls banned
October 16-- Port Edward pursuing temporary zoning permits
October 15-- Port Edward Train Noise Study Set to Begin this Week
October 15-- Industry partners with municipality to study train noise in Port Edward
October 13-- Pacific Northwest LNG, PTI Group sign lease for use of former Port Edward school
October 11-- AltaGas Buys Land in Port Edward with Plans to Ship Product to Asia
October 11-- AltaGas Rupert proposal (video)
October 9-- AltaGas turning its attention to Port Edward
October 4-- North Pacific Cannery pushing to be named UNESCO World Heritage Site
October 2-- Prince Rupert students help restore North Pacific Cannery

June 30-- Federal Minister enters into the Nishga Girl controversy  NCR
June 19-- Return of Nishg'a Girl to the North Coast upsets donor
June 13-- Many changes coming to North Pacific Cannery
June 12-- Pacific Northwest LNG hosts open houses in Prince Rupert and Port Edward
June 11-- Nishga Girl is coming home  NCR
June 5-- District of Port Edward spending $33,000 on new bylaws

May 30-- Prince Rupert Boundary Expansion Plans in Public Spotlight
May 15-- Port Ed adding industrial land (N View E edition pg 8)
May 15-- Port Ed talks budget (N View E edition pg 8)

April 25-- Port Edward, regional district seeking more info on Prince Rupert 'land grab'
April 20-- Tales from the Port Ed School Bookshelf  NCR
April 20-- Premier's Northwest swing stresses the potential/promise of LNG  NCR
April 19-- Premier Clark makes Northwest campaign swing  NCR
April 19-- Premier Christy Clark talks LNG during Port Edward school stop
April 10-- Major camp project could be heading to Port Edward
April 1-- Port Ed Land Sale (video)
April 1-- Port Edward sells 40 Acres of Land

March 20-- Major changes coming for buzzing Port Edward (N View e edition Pg 11)
March 14-- Port Edward Councillors Seek Solutions to Reduce Train Whistling
March 13-- Port Edward hiring consultation to study noise from trains
March 12-- Other projects and optimism on the North Coast discussed on the Bill Good Show NCR

February 27-- Port Edward preparing for growth

January 21-- North Pacific Cannery receives Federal reimbursement for renovation work  NCR
January 10-- Port Edward School saved by the bell (audio)
January 7-- Port Edward officially opens new community school
January 2--- Assessments up slightly in Prince Rupert and Port Edward
January 2-- BC Assessments mailings herald the New Year  NCR

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