Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rampage awarded victory from Saturday night over Kitimat Suspension issue

When last Saturday night's CIHL game at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre had come to an end, the Prince Rupert Rampage were most likely frustrated at how they had allowed the Kitimat Ice Demons back into the game to claim victory.

However, a trip to the CIHL standings may soon show that those two lost points have been reclaimed. As the CIHL has reportedly awarded the Saturday night result in favour of the Rampage, owing to a suspension issue regarding a player from the Kitimat squad.

The Rampage shared the news with their fans by way of their facebook page on Wednesday evening.

The CIHL has not yet officially recorded the reversal of the results on it's website. When they do, it perhaps may make for some lively conversation on the CIHL forum page.

You can find more on the CIHL and the Rampage from our archive page.

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