Monday, November 3, 2014

City Council Session, Monday, November 3, 2014

Our archive of items from the session can be found below.

Regular Session of Council for November 3, 2014

Home page and archive of sessions can be found here.

Live Broadcast of session can be found here

North Coast Review - Preview of Regular Session for November 3, 2014 

Agenda for the Regular Session of City Council for November 3, 2014 

Info to Council (October 22)

Mayor Jack Mussallem-- Present
Councillor Anna Ashley-- Present
Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson-- Absent  
Councillor Barry Cunningham-- Present
Councillor Gina Garon-- Present
Councillor Nelson Kinney-- Present
Councillor Joy Thorkelson-- Present

Minutes of Regular Session of Council November 3, 2014  (not available yet)

Video Recording of November 3, 2014 

North Coast Review City Council Timeline November 3, 2014 

North Coast Review Items on the November 3, 2014 Session of Council

City to consider allowing for commercial space on Old Cow Bay Rail Bridge Deck
Council puts in motion plan to offer Free Transit on Election Day in Prince Rupert
Wantage Road area targeted by Council as a Major Project staging area
Legacy Corporation process to be explained through the City's website
Lot 444 prospects to go to public meeting and hearing phases through next four weeks
Airport Ferry to make a Ketchikan run for Spring refit

Media items from other sources for the November 3, 2014 Council session can be found in our Discussion Points from City Council feature

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