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MLA's Week November 3-6, 2014

From the records of Hansard, it would appear to have been another fairly quiet week in the Legislature for the North Coast's representative in Victoria.  With just one contribution to the discussions of the week of November 3-6 in the  Legislature Chamber noted for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice.

However, when she did rise to speak in the House, Ms. Rice did make good use of that one appearance, raising a number of concerns of importance to both the residents and the municipal government of Prince Rupert.

From the seven sessions of the Legislature in the House, or Committee work listed for the week of Nov 3-6, MLA Rice appeared once during the archives of the proceedings of the week.

On Monday afternoon, Ms. Rice joined in on the ongoing discussions related to the issue of LNG development and the Government's recent tax regime announcement.

Declaring the governments tax regime to be a colossal failure, Ms. Rice highlighted for the Legislature some of the concerns in Prince Rupert.

Delivering a message for the need for assistance from the Provincial Government now, particularly when it comes to issues related to infrastructure, housing and social issues in the community.

The topic of LNG and the Provincial government's plans for it, has occupied much of the attention of the MLA's since the return of the elected representatives to the Legislature in October.

In the weeks since that return, Skeena MLA Robin Austin has been the most vocal of the Northern and Northwest MLA's when it comes to the theme of LNG development.

Earlier this week, we outlined how for the most part, it has been Mr. Autsin  that had been taking charge of the response for the region. Detailing in the Legislature the many challenges that the communities of the region have been facing with the prospect of expanded economic development.

On Monday afternoon, the North Coast MLA created a little space on the issue for herself on the topic, focusing her remarks on the situation in Prince Rupert..

Our  item of review on MLA Rice and her discussion points in the Legislature can be found below:

Prince Rupert Housing issues, Jobs and Training among items raised by MLA Rice during Legislature session

As for committee work, MLA Rice is a member of the Standing Committee on Children and Youth, that Committee had no meetings scheduled last week.

You can examine our reviews of past weeks of the Legislature sessions of 2014 from our Archive page.

We have more background on the North Coast MLA available from our MLA's Week archive as well as our General Archive on the Legislature.

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