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Industrial Development 2018 -- Kitimat -- LNG Canada

Our Archive of items regarding the proposed LNG Canada Terminal development in Kitimat

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(Shell, Korea Gas, Mitsubishi, Petro China, Petronas)


December 19 -- Head of First Nations LNG Alliance calls for Wet'suwet'en Unity on pipeline project
December 19 -- Cooperation stressed during First Nations LNG Alliance gathering in Prince Rupert
December 19 -- Coastal GasLink turned away by Gitdumden checkpoint
December 19 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs continue opposition to Coastal GasLink
December 19 -- First Nations LNG Alliance meets in Prince Rupert in support of resource development  NCR
December 19 -- First Nations LNG Alliance hope for economic an environmental natural gas benefits (audio)
December 18 -- Gitdumden checkpoint blocks access to Unist'ot'en camp
December 17 -- Judge grants temporary injunction against Unist'ot'en Blockade of Coastal GasLink Crew
December 14 -- Area First Nations benefit from LNG Canada project
December 14 -- Haisla yet to sign LNG benefits deals with the province
December 14 -- Horizon North construction to start soon
December 14 -- Coastal GasLink gets interim injunction against Unist'ot'en
December 12 -- Most intervenor requests in crucial natural gas pipeline case rejected
December 6 -- Haisla LNG (video)
December 4 -- Civeo pulls out of LNG Canada worker camp agreement
December 4 -- ATCO replaces CIVEO in Cedar Valley Lodge Project at Kitimat
December 1 -- LNG Canada cost to exceed stated $40 billion price tag
December 1 -- Locals get taste of pipeline construction benefits


November 30 -- Coastal GasLink applies for injunction against Unist'ot'en
November 27 -- Coastal GasLink hosts 'economic summit' in Terrace today
November 26 -- LNG pipeline hiring as Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs resist
November 21 -- Ellis Ross warns of Foreign influence on resource development NCR
November 20 -- With LNG moving forward in Northwest, MLA Ellis Ross calls for community supports from NDP government  NCR
November 13 -- LNG, Mining activity make Northwest Regional Airport much busier
November 10 -- Pipeline company urges rejection of many seeking intervenor status in jurisdictional hearings
November 3 -- Tokyo Gas signs up for LNG Canada's product
November 3 -- Kitimat gets first look at LNG Canada timeline
November 3 -- Multiple parties seek pipeline challenge participation
November 2 -- JGC Fluor gets go-ahead to start construction on LNG Canada


October 29 -- Kitimat wants intervenor status in possible pipeline challenge
October 28 -- Pipeline challenger passes first hurdle 
October 23 -- NEB to consider Smithers man's pipeline challenge
October 22 -- NEB Sawyer challenge  (video)
October 18 -- Kitimat housing market skyrockets after LNG announcement; Mayoral candidates weigh in  (audio)
October 18 -- MLA Ellis Ross says it's time to get to work to ensure the success of LNG
October 13 -- LNG Canada FID underscores need for trades training
October 12 -- LNG Canada announcement sends Kitimat real estate skyward  NCR
October 12 -- MLA Rice expresses strong enthusiasm for LNG development ... in Kitimat  NCR
October 11 -- Wet'su'wet'en Chiefs Continue to oppose gas pipeline
October 11 -- LNG Canada fuels expectations for at least one more project
October 10 -- Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs say no to approved LNG pipeline
October 9 -- Kitimat celebrates LNG Decision
October 3 -- LNG can help B.C. prepare for future energy sources, prof says
October 2 -- It's a Go! LNG Canada given the green light to proceed
October 2 -- "It's a great day": Kitimat mayor Phil Germuth on LNG Canada project moving forward (audio)
October 2 -- LNG Green Light for Kitimat, as LNG Canada announces project to go ahead NCR 
October 1 -- Champagne on ice, balloons ready to drop; as Kitimat awaits its FID announcement  NCR


September 29 -- LNG politics ramp up as massive project approval looms
September 28 -- BC gets a north coast export project - with pipeline
September 28 -- LNG Project may force BC Greens to show their true colours
September 28 -- Two LNG Canada partners give approval for BC export terminal
September 28 -- Shell's $40 billion LNG Canada 'sprinting' toward final approval after Asian partners give OK
September 28 -- Natural gas sector poised for big boost in LNG Canada moves ahead
September 28 -- LNG Canada project would provide new market, says Canada's largest gas producer
September 28 -- Two LNG partners green light project: reports
September 28 -- 'It's a whole new game' as LNG fever builds in Canada's energy sector
September 28 -- Approving LNG Canada project could tape into glut of Alberta natural gas
September 28 -- More steps forward for LNG Canada
September 27 -- Kitimat work camp takes shape as Ottawa moves to clear path for LNG Canada project
September 27 -- Final investment decision expected next week on $40 billion LNG project near Kitimat
September 27 -- Report says LNG Canada Days Away from Green-Lighting Kitimat project
September 27 -- LNG Canada facing number of roadblocks amidst rumours of pending investment
September 26 -- Ottawa clears way for proposed LNG terminal on BC coast with tariff exemption
September 26 -- LNG Canada decision poised to be announced next week -- and al signs point to yes
September 26 -- Shell poised for LNG Canada decision with signs pointing to yes
September 26 -- Monday may be moment of truth for economy changing LNG Canada project
September 26 -- LNG Canada decision could come next week: report
September 26 -- First Nations also worried about northern BC natural gas pipeline challenge
September 26 -- Report says Trudeau Government Ready to exempt LNG Canada from Steel tariffs
September 26 -- Report says LNG Canada to get tariff exemption
September 24 -- Mammoth LNG Canada project unaffected by TransMountain pipeline problems: CEO
September 24 -- Creek Diversion, Other preliminary work underway at LNG site
September 24 -- LNG Canada hosts information session in Terrace
September 21 -- LNG Canada Open House in Terrace (video)
September 20 -- LNG Canada Open House in Terrace Today
September 19 -- First Nations LNG Alliance echoes Mayors Concerns over Pipeline Challenge
September 18 -- First Nations LNG Alliance issues support for Coastal GasLink pipeline
September 18 -- Hall doesn't sign letter of support for LNG
September 17 -- Pro-LNG rallies planned for Kitimat and Terrace next week
September 17 -- LNG supporters rally (video)
September 14 -- Horgan confident hurdles will be cleared to build Kitimat LNG terminal
September 14 -- Premier Horgan uses LNG plant in Kitimat as example of progress
September 13 -- TransCanada announces milestone for gas pipeline project
September 13 -- All 20 First Nations sign Coastal GasLink pipeline agreement
September 13 -- Coastal GasLink makes agreement with twenty different First Nations (video)
September 13 -- Coastal Gas Link Reaches agreements with all involved First Nations
September 7 -- 14 northern BC mayors 'disappointed' at LNG pipeline challenge
September 7 -- Smithers man drawing ire of LNG supporters over pipeline challenge (audio)
September 6 -- Northern mayors pen letter over challenge of LNG project
September 2 -- Pipeline company calls challenger 'vexatious'
September 1 -- Smithers pipeline challenger receives threats


August 21 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross pens letter of support for LNG Canada
August 18 -- Ross calls on Horgan to support pipeline
August 18 -- Backlash growing to pipeline challenge
August 18 -- LNG Canada to build two salt marshes
August 8 -- Cullen stays calm amid pipeline challenge
August 8 -- TransCanada consults with Burns Lake residents
August 8 -- LNG Canada Set to Begin Dredging
August 8 -- MP Nathan Cullen on attempts to delay the Coastal GasLink pipeline (video)
August 8 -- LNG Canada makes plans for dredging of Kitimat's Harbour
August 3 -- Smithers resident launches jurisdictional challenge of LNG pipeline
August 2 -- Terrace council meets with LNG Canada representatives
August 2 -- LNG Canada provides optimistic update to Terrace Council
August 1 -- Camp contract awarded by LNG Canada
August 1 -- LNG Canada officials meet with Terrace City council (video)


July 31 -- NEB challenge could lead to Kitimat LNG investment issues
July 31 -- Suits and Boots plan stops across Northwest at end of August
July 27 -- Promising indications, but no decision yet! As Shell and partners continue to explore prospects for Kitimat's LNG Canada terminal  NCR
July 24 -- Petronas officially takes stake in LNG Canada project
July 19 -- Coastal GasLink awards contract for camp near Burns Lake
July 18 -- Coastal GasLink awards contracts for LNG pipeline work camps
July 11 -- Speculation over LNG project ramps up real estate prices in Kitimat, prompting concerns over affordability (audio)
July 6 -- Investors receive further evidence that LNG Kitimat project will move forward
July 6 -- CIVEO LNG pipeline (video)
July 5 -- LNG speculation and impact on housing market (video)


June 28 -- Coastal GasLink pipeline contractors tentatively hired
June 27 -- $620 million in contract work to northern Indigenous communities
June 27 -- First Nations LNG Alliance halts pipeline project  (video)
June 26 -- TransCanada awards $620 million in pipeline contracts to Indigenous businesses
June 26 -- Coastal GasLink awards $620 million in contracting opportunities to First Nations
June 20 -- Pipeline company searches for camp sites


May 31 -- Petronas back on board with Kitimat LNG plant
May 31 -- Petronas wants a 25% stake in LNG Canada
May 31 -- Petronas is all in for Kitimat's LNG Canada project  NCR
May 25 -- Conversations that matter: Deadline nears for LNG green light
May 24 -- Construction of LNG Canada plant still on hold
May 24 -- Past support for holdout may haunt NDP with LNG project
May 23 -- TransCanada wins 95 percent support for pipeline from First Nations bands
May 22 -- B.C. LNG industry optimism returns
May 16 -- LNG Canada Connect program expands to Smithers to find workers
May 15 -- LNG Canada says it is committed to starting construction on Kitimat project in 2018
May 15 -- LNG Canada CEO hopes to break ground on $40 billion BC project in 2018
May 15 -- In Kitimat, a tale of two projects with different comfort levels on LNG export costs
May 15 -- LNG Canada says construction will start in 2018
May 15 -- Previously delayed $30 billion Kitimat LNG project looking likely to proceed
May 15 -- LNG optimism in Kitimat (video)
May 15 -- LNG Canada reaffirms 2018 commitment to Kitimat
May 10 -- Shell Canada cautiously optimistic about LNG Project at Kitimat
May 4 -- Conversations that matter: First Nations and LNG
May 4 -- LNG terminal on verge of approval under John Horgan: who knew?
May 4 -- Rumours of Petronas' Kitimat investment plans gains strength, after Energy Ministers slip NCR
May 1 -- Petronas taking stake in LNG Canada: energy minister


April 27 -- U.S., Japanese based firms named as prime contractor for Kitimat's LNG Canada plant
April 27 -- LNG Canada chooses a contractor (video)
April 27 -- Kitimat based LNG project awards contracts
April 20 -- Petronas keeping BC options open as they watch LNG market indicators  NCR


March 25 -- Standing up for LNG against the critics
March 23 -- Kitimat is one step closer to securing LNG plant
March 23 -- Kitimat LNG hopes (video)
March 22 -- LNG Canada optimistic, but what about the buts
March 22 -- LNG Canada welcomes new natural gas framework
March 18 -- Outlook for summer - sunny days, robins and a positive FID decision
March 1 -- Skeena MLA Ross makes note of Northwest support for LNG projects during Legislature speech  NCR


February 26 -- Shell forecasts LNG shortage, raising potential that $40 billion B.C. project will proceed
February 26 -- Shell warns about global LNG shortage in mid-2020's
February 26 -- Shell warns of liquefied natural gas shortage as LNG demand blows past expectations


January 14 -- B.C. Premier Horgan's LNG push at odds with NDP emissions goals
January 13 -- Resource forum to hear LNG update
January 3 -- Hope yet for LNG

Note: Shell purchased BG Gas in April of 2015, merging the two international giants under the Shell Banner.

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