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Non Cruise Related Tourism developments on the North Coast for 2018

Our archive of Non Cruise Related developments on the North Coast.

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October 30 -- And the walls came tumbling down ...  NCR
October 26 -- City seeks to fill two Board Positions for Tourism Prince Rupert   NCR
October 19 -- Prince Rupert Yacht Club project nearing its final stages  NCR


July 10 -- Tourism Prince Rupert's "Nothing to See Here" program continues through July  NCR


June 12 -- Intertidal Music Festival pegs July 21st as date for 2018 showcase  NCR
June 4 -- Yacht Club construction project edges closer to completion  NCR


May 19 -- Questions on Hotel Tax, Resource benefits part of contribution from MLA Ross to Finance Estimates session
May 18 -- Hidden Canada: Prince Rupert, British Columbia
May 17 -- Bulkley Valley tourist industry adjusts to salmon closure
May 16 -- Duu Guusd expands to include creek near Rennell Sound
May 16 -- Storytellers pole at Pertersburg library not following traditional protocol
May 16 -- Burns Lake Museum receives Olympic artifacts
May 16 -- New kayak float for Cow Bay Marina and those that will use it, makes for discussion theme at City Council  NCR 
May 15 --  Terrace's Heritage Park launches oral history book
May 15 -- Terrace's Heritage Book (video)
May 15 -- Southeast Alaska program will focus on local plants and beach life
May 15 -- New kayak float added at Prince Rupert breakwater
May 15 -- Northern Sea Wolf nears readiness for Central Coast Ferry Service  NCR
May 11 -- Reactions to Salmon Fishing closures (video)
May 10 -- Salmon closures a devastating blow to North Coast business
May 10 -- Kitimat Tourism under new management (video)
May 10 -- Haida Gwaii conservancy expanded
May 9 -- Nathan Cullen on Sport Fishing Salmon Closures (video)
May 9 -- Exstew River recreation site closed to May 23rd  NCR
May 9 -- Sport/Recreational Fishery first to feel the salmon hit for 2018 season  NCR
May 8 -- Sweeping salmon closures for recreational fishing
May 8 -- Queen Charlotte Lodge fined $47,500 for oversized halibut
May 8 -- DFO issues sweeping closure of Skeena recreational salmon fishery
May 8 -- DFO announces closure of recreational Salmon Fishing on Skeena
May 8 -- Exstew Recreation site closed to prevent vandalism
May 3 -- Ask tourism businesses about BC Ferry schedule, report states
May 2 -- Make tourism a driver in ferry planning: report
May 2 -- Extensive report on BC Ferries for Tourism Prince Rupert calls for expanded sailings, five year service guarantee  NCR
May 1 -- Kitimat council delays riverbank camping ban


April 23 -- Tree branch damages VIA Rail train between Prince Rupert and Prince George
April 23 -- "Ketchikan Is:" Museum readies new permanent exhibit
April 18 -- Elimination of Kitimat Riverbank camping looming
April 11 -- Tighter regulations for Smithers Riverside Municipal Campground
April 10 -- Cow Bay Marina ... waiting for the mega yachts  NCR


March 15 -- Renovations at Museum of Northern British Columbia provide for new community meeting space  NCR
March 13 -- North Pacific Cannery Historical site begins its planning for the 2018 season NCR


February 24 -- Regional Heritage Fair to return for fifth year
February 14 -- $1.4M for cannery's biggest restoration project
February 14 -- 'A rich past and a bright future' -- Province of British Columbia celebrates North Pacific restoration work  NCR


January 26 -- Tourism Prince Rupert has hopes for positive results from consultants report on Northern BC Ferries routes  NCR
January 23 -- Latest recognition for Haida Gwaii could deliver tourism boost to North Coast  NCR
January 18 -- Clovis hunters make their debut Saturday at Museum of Northern British Columbia  NCR
January 17 -- Changes ahead for usage rates at Cow Bay Marina  NCR

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