Monday, January 3, 2022

SD52 outlines Back to School plans for first two weeks of January 2022, PRDTU responds to District update

As we move into the start of a new year, for most students of SD52, the Christmas Holiday break is going to be one of some additional time for play, with the return to studies date extended by one week, with the local schools following up on the Ministry of Education notes of last week. 

The Ministry of Education notes on return to school for January 2022,
Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside outlined the plan last Wednesday

Towards some guidance for parents and guardians, the Prince Rupert School District has filled in a few of the blanks that came out of last weeks provincial announcement that the return to school for January 2022, will be a two part stage process. 

Superintendent Andrew Samoil, provided the SD52 blue print late in the afternoon on New Years Eve.

The December 31st update from the School District recounted some of the details provided by Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside from December 29th; while also relaying the specific notes on how SD 52 will move forward through the next two weeks.

"School will be closed to all students on Monday January 3, 2022. Parents, who are essential health service workers, should contact their local school Principal if their child(ren) will be in attendance on Tuesday, January 4-7, 2022, so the school can make supervision plans. 

More information will be communicated after we meet with Principals and when Staff make plans for the return of students on January 10, 2022. Staff will all be a work January 3 -7, 2022" -- The Main elements of the SD52 Return to School planning for the period of January 3-10. 

The full SD52 Announcement can be reviewed here.

So far, Prince Rupert's  Catholic Independent School Annunciation,  has not posted any information to their website on the January plans for the Fifth Ave West school.

The PRDTU, the union which represents Public school teachers in Prince Rupert, has followed up on Mr. Samoil's New Year's Eve correspondence, reinforcing some of their themes from a previous union update of late December

As well, the local teachers' union provides for three areas of note for the PRDTU membership as the next phase of the pandemic response moves forward. 

From their January 2nd notes they observe how Teachers and others can continue to help promote the provision of quality education during the current phase of the pandemic by: 

Advocating for the provision of N95-type masks, improved ventilation (including HEPA filters in rooms without adequate filtration or ventilation), and for fast access to boosters so that all school workers can be fully (3-shot) vaccinated. 

Informing students and families of the importance for students (and staff) to remain at home if sick. Alerting students and families to the latest public health requirements for isolation will help keep schools open by reducing transmission in schools and classrooms. 

Insisting that students continue to receive quality in-person education during all phases of the pandemic – including by pushing back on measures that would reduce educational supports for students. Almost all students learn best through in-person teaching, which is why it’s so important for schools to remain safely open.

The union closes its correspondence with a call for all to remind the government and School District to "continue to insist that education be treated as the essential service that it is (and always has been)."

The full overview of the PRDTU on the return to school for 2022 can be reviewed here.

Further notes on Education in Prince Rupert can be explored here.

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