Thursday, June 16, 2022

1.5 Million dollars in grants or contributions delivered by City in 2021

The Prince Rupert Library was the top recipient of Grants
or Contributions from the City of Prince Rupert in 2021

The last entry in our look at the Statement of Financial Information reports for 2021 takes us to the distribution of city money towards local groups and organizations, with 2021 finding City Council approving of 1.5 million dollars in Grants or contributions for the year.

That makes for a decline in distribution from the year before when the City provided for close to 1.7 million dollars in grants or contributions

The list is very much one of large numbers and little ones, with five of nineteen recipients in the six figure range, the remainder of the list of amounts below 100,000 dollars, ranges from a a low of 42 dollars (in kind) for Prince Rupert CrimeStoppers to $27,000 for the BC SPCA.

The largest of the six figure amounts went to the Prince Rupert Library at 693,000 dollars. 

That was followed by funding amounts for Tourism Prince Rupert ($237,913) , the Prince Rupert Golf Course ($160,00), Museum of Northern BC  ($150,2320  and Lester Centre of the Arts  ($144,450)

The full list can be reviewed below:

As we outlined yesterday, Prince Rupert Council received the report from Chief Financial Officer Corinne Bomben as part of Monday's City Council session.

The City has yet to provide the video for the Council session to their YouTube Archive, once they have we will add that element below.

Update: The missing archive of Monday's session was added to the listings on the afternoon of Monday, June 20th.

The item above can be viewed starting at the 34 minute mark.

More notes on the Monday Council Session can be reviewed from our Council Timeline Feature.

Further items of interest from the Financial office can be reviewed here, while some of the past Council themes are explored here.

Note: As is outlined in the comments section, the Tourism Prince Rupert distribution is taken from the Hotel Room Tax that is placed on all hotel rooms, the outline of that process is part of the commentary below.


  1. As chair of Tourism Prince Rupert, I believe it is important to clarify the funds provided to Tourism Prince Rupert are proceeds from a 2% Municipal hotel tax that is charged on the sale of all hotel rooms. Accommodation providers submit these funds to the provincial government who in turn forward it to the City of Prince Rupert, which is directed to Tourism Prince Rupert for marketing purposes.

  2. Thank you for the note, the Hotel Tax element is noted in the page from the SOFI included as part of the story. But yes you are correct to point out the source of that funding that Tourism Prince Rupert has received. NCR